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20 November 2010 @ 09:50 pm
Title: 20 Questions
Author: broadway_bound3
Pairing: YeWook
Rating: PG-13(?) for fluffy kissing
Disclaimer: I only own the idea.
Summary: Out of boredom comes questions. But what comes of questions?
A/N: I will admit that this is a recycled fic but I'm going to stroke my own ego and say that I'm so proud of this fic that I just had to use it in this fandom. /bricked

It was another one of those days. You know. Where there’s absolutely nothing to do but you have to do something or else your brain will collapse. You have to do something or else you’ll end up walking in circles, talking to yourself. Yeah, well, that’s how it was today.

Yesung and Ryeowook sat there staring at the TV screen hoping that something interesting would pop on. Actually, it was more like staring past. They were both zoned out in their own little world contemplating what to do. They both sat in their own respective corners of the couch. Yesung had his feet propped up on the coffee table and Ryeowook had one leg sort of under the other.

Mild boredom seemed to have drained away the afternoon leaving in its stead a nicely setting sun. Ryeowook turned his head and watched out the window as the colors brightened and then faded a bit. There was silence except for a steady stream of murmur emitted from the TV.

“What were we supposed to be doing today?” Ryeowook turned back to Yesung who, too, was watching the setting sun. Or at least his face was in that direction but his eyes seemed to be looking past it all. The look didn’t stay there long.

“Hm? Oh, I don’t know. Something more interesting than this.” His hand wiggled listlessly.

Ryeowook’s face brightened with sudden inspiration.

“What?” Yesung asked.

“Let’s play 20 Questions.” Ryeowook offered.

Yesung straightened in his corner. “Ok. You can go first.”

“Good.” The younger thought for a moment and then announced that he was ready. “Ok.”

“Animal?” was Yesung’s first question.




“Close by?”


“A building?”


“A park?”


“Um . . . Is it in a different country?”

“Oh . . .” Ryeowook thought a moment. “No.”

Yesung crossed his arms over his chest, the sign that he was really thinking. “Is it a real place?”


“Can you find it in a movie?”


“How about a book?”


“Does this place have people?”


“Does it have animals?”


“Is it a place you can escape to?”


“So . . . a place that has people that you can only find in a book and movie . . .” He thought for a minute and Ryeowook smiled. He probably won’t get it. “Can I go there?”

“Maybe.” Ryeowook smiled a little more and tried to suppress a laugh.

“Have I heard about it?”

“Probably many times, so yes.”

“Have you been there?”


“Do you want to go there?”

“Yes, someday.”

“Oh,” Yesung started to smile. He uncrossed his arms and Ryeowook knew he had it almost figured out.

“Know what it is? You still have 4 questions.”

“Let’s see. Is there a lot of white in this place?”

“Yes.” He was just using up his questions now. Yesung had it figured out already.

“Is it heaven?”


He threw up his arms in triumph. “I win!”

“Yay,” Ryeowook clapped in sarcastic enthusiasm but he was amazed that he figured it so quickly.

Yesung put his arms down and straightened in his seat again. A pause. “Why did you think up heaven?”

The other boy shrugged his shoulders and looked out the window to the long forgotten sun. He reached behind and turned on the tableside lamp. “I don’t know.” Ryeowook looked back at him. “I guess I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.”


“Because . . . I can.” Ryeowook looked at his expression as he turned away for a moment. There was nothing there to read but eyes, nose and mouth. “I have a question for you though.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Shoot.”

“What would you do if you knew that I would be gone tomorrow?” For some reason Ryeowook felt guilty for asking him that. He couldn’t think of a valid reason for the question except plain curiosity. And he could feel his heart speed up as he anticipated the answer.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Concern and worry crossed Yesung’s face and he looked about to jump up and call 911.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine.” Ryeowook waved his hands at Yesung to get him to calm down.

He leaned back and eyed the other warily. “Oh, I don’t know.” Another pause.

A moment longer then it should be.

He moved a little and then a lot. He moved towards Ryeowook and he felt the need to straighten up a bit. Ryeowook removed his foot from underneath him and felt the blood rush back to it. But he wasn’t concerned about that.

He was concerned about the man who was rapidly approaching him. Yesung sat himself at an angle so he could look Ryeowook directly in the eye. His knee brushed Ryeowook’s as it came up on the couch.

“If I knew you wouldn’t be here tomorrow,” he whispered looking into Ryeowook’s eyes. He tried to look away but those eyes kept me where he was. Yesung had a way of doing that.

He leaned in a bit and slowly made his way closer to Ryeowook’s face. He kept his eyes locked on the younger’s and Ryeowook couldn’t help but gasp as their lips brushed. A slight, short contact that sent a shock rippling down to Ryeowook’s fingers and toes. He pulled away and Ryeowook cast his eyes to one side but didn’t move. He didn’t know why he didn’t object or move away. He just sat there. Yesung leaned in again after seeing that Ryeowook wasn’t protesting.

He tilted his head a little before capturing Ryeowook’s lips in his. The younger closed his eyes and a small sigh escaped between them. Ryeowook couldn’t think of anything. Nothing, except maybe, the marvelous man who was draining any care he had. He moved up over Ryeowook causing him to slide down the couch ‘till he was lying flat under Yesung. Ryeowook opened his eyes again to see that Yesung had never taken his eyes off Ryeowook.

At that moment Ryeowook couldn’t bring himself to think about why they were doing this. It all went back to that question. That stupid question he had asked. But it was all cause and effect. And he was starting to feel the effect getting bigger.

Their kisses had gotten deeper and more intimate while Ryeowook was musing. He didn’t mind, not at this point at least. But he had to break away for a moment; catch his breath and consider something.

Yesung pulled back and fear passed over his face for a brief second. Not for him, he knew what he was doing, but for Ryeowook. “Are you ok?”

He smiled up at Yesung. “Yeah.” The other man grinned in return but for some reason it didn’t reach the upper stories of his face. “You know,” Ryeowook started “if I were to die tomorrow,” pausing for effect “I would be very happy.”

A/N2: I love writing YeWook!!!! I'm not as good as other certain YeWook writers... >.> But maybe I'll get better.
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