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14 November 2010 @ 03:09 am
► one fine spring day
► slight kibum / jongwoon ; slight youngwoon / jongwoon ; slight youngwoon / leeteuk ; kyuhyun / sungmin
► pg-13 | world of warcraft au | action, heroic fantasy, horror | 2414 words | one shot | characters death
► he is going to die; the sight of the horde of creatures surrounding him doesn’t leave him a lot of hope.
► i know, i am a gamer. blame sycoraxsnow, not me. :3 it was for ryan's birthday. happy birthday my favorite meanie ever. ♥
► beta-ed by sycoraxsnow.

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Current Music: Bonamana & LUCIFER (Super Remix) - Super Junior & SHINee
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