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29 August 2010 @ 05:11 pm

Title : Kyuhyun's Night Fright
Author :
Length : Drabble
Pairings : Slight EunHae
Characters : Kyuhyun ( centric ) Tiny bit of Sungmin and Yesung
Rating : PG-13 ( Teensy bit of a sex scene )
Summary : Kyuhyun can't sleep, it's too damn hot and his body is restless forcing him out of bed.........big mistake kekekeke
A/N : Just a silly lil' thing i wrote late one night, enjoy~ =)

He tossed and turned in his bed, this was just no good, it was just too damn hot tonight. He let out a loud huff of breath as he sat up, peeling his sweat soaked t-shirt from his body and tossing it onto the floor. He ran his hands through his sweat laced hair and swung his legs down the side of the bed before standing and stretching. His body creaked and cracked as his tired bones protested to the sudden movement and awakening of muscles that had long since fallen asleep along with the rest of his body.

He tugged at his boxers, releasing his ass crack from the tight, irritating wedgie that his poor overworked body was experiencing. He groaned, even his underwear was wet with sweat, perhaps, he thought, maybe his ass was thirsty and only ate his boxers in a desperate attempt to quench its thirst.

Speaking of which, his whole mouth felt dry. He exited the bedroom, and headed for the kitchen. Once in the hall, he paused, ceasing all movement, he could have sworn he heard a noise, it sounded to him like a long low moan. Now he wasn't one to scare easy but he had to admit, that sounded like a ghost howling from down the hall and he couldn't figure if he should ignore it or go investigate.

If he ignored it and it turned out to be a burglar or a crazed fan that had broken into the apartment, he would surely end up dead, either at the hands of the invader or at the paws of one if not all of his hyungs.

But, if it was a ghost, he really didn't want to see that kind of shit, Sungmin hyung had told him about his encounter with a spirit at the SM practice rooms not to mention Donghae telling him about Yunho hyungs encounter. It was apparently a common occurence nowadays to see shit like that and he sure as fuck did not want to see it too, no siree.

He stood glued to the spot for a further few seconds, mind completely forgotten the fact that his body needed fluids. His eyes bugged out as his ears pricked up and strained in the direction he thought he heard the previous noise from.


He jumped on the spot and nearly emptied his bladder right there and then, a bladder he never even realized was full up til now. His whole body went cold, from the wetness it was glazed in and the fear that raced through his veins, his heart pumping at an impossibly fast pace, body in fight or flight mode.

He knew if it came right down to it, he would fly the scene if any freaky shit surfaced. He released the breath he didn't know he was holding, plucking up all the courage he could muster, he turned and headed in the direction the wail, as he would describe it, came from.

Albeit, slowly and with the utmost caution but nevertheless, going towards his demons. He stopped in the half lighten hall, right outside Eunhyuk's bedroom and strained to hear again.


A half yell, half moan filled the air. Kyuhyun gasped as realization dawned on him. 'OH MY GOD, Eunhyuk hyung was being attacked by someone or god forbid, something'.

He didn't even think, no time for anything, his hyungs life was in danger, he had to save him at all costs, at the very least, he had to try.

He grabbed the door handle and thrust the door open as wide as it would go, he stopped, jaw dropping almost comically, eyes bulging from their sockets as he stared the horrific scene that played out before him.

"What the fuck Kyuhyun"? Donghae whispered, his face contorted in a look of almost pain as his features scrunched together, his breath coming out ragged, Eunhyuk between his raised legs, his member very clearly going in and out of Donghae's body as he fucked him into the mattress.

Eunhyuk turned his head, not halting his actions for a second, he scowled at his dongsaeng as he grunted "Goodbye Kyuhyun".

Kyuhyun's face scrunched up in disgust as he slammed the door shut and stumbled backwards. Then another feeling washed over him, anger, "Fuck you two, i was scared for a minute there, Donghae stay in you own appartment or Eunhyuk, you go up to his, this is ridiculous " he folded his arms across his chest, features defiant, stance strong and mind set, he was pissed.

"Fuck off Kyuhyun" his two hyungs yelled in unison, thats when he realized he was still standing in the hall and could still hear their dirty sex noises. "Eww" shivering, he turned on his heels and raced for his bedroom.

Once safely tucked back up in his bed he briefly wondered how the hell those two could have sex in this heat, he was sweating just laying still never mind partaking in heavy exercise, enjoyable as it may be, he was sure, it wasn't worth collapsing from heat exhaustion.

Thats when he realized his body wasn't sweating anymore, it was quite cold now, light traces of goosebumps gracing his skin. He wasn't sure if it was the fear of meeting a late night uninvited guest or from actually meeting the uninvited guest and his boyfriend going at it like energizer bunnies, he wasn't sure he cared anymore as he pulled the bed covers to his chin and snuggled in to settle in for the night and catch some sleep. His thirst and bladder could wait til the morning, he had had enough excitement for one night, he was staying put.


 In the morning, Sungmin and Yesung entered Kyuhyun's bedroom, "How can he sleep with covers on"? Sungmin asked watching the sleeping lump hidden underneath said blanket. Yesung shrugged his shoulders "I don't know, but i did too last night" he replied. "You did, why"? Sungmin furrowed his brow at his hyung, Yesung shifted uncomfortably "I heard weird noises, like a ghost or something, i swear, freaked the shit outta me".







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