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25 November 2008 @ 11:57 pm
title: selfless
pairing: kanghan
genre: general, drama, romance
rating: PG-13
summary: kangin is sick, and though both of them aren't too fond of the idea, hankyung is forced to take care of him.

"Hey, wake up."

In his bed, Kangin groaned. Shifting to face whoever it was who disturbed his sleep, he opened one eye and tried to glare. Growling, he said, "What?"

Above him, whoever it was laughed, "You need to eat. Or else Teukie hyung will have my head for not taking care of you properly."

Kangin wanted to say 'screw you' and 'screw Teukie hyung' but he had no strength to. Instead, because he was smart enough to do so, he groggily opened his other eye and sat up. Immediately, he felt the world spin. Holding his head, he groaned in pain.

"Kangin, are you all right?" someone, who Kangin still could not recognize, asked worriedly. Kangin felt hands brushing stray strands of hair away from his face. Frowning in annoyance, he felt the urge to swipe the hands away. Before he had the chance to do so, the hands went away, as if reading his thoughts.

Sighing tiredly, he opened his eyes and found the room thankfully dim. Squinting, he faced the person before him and found it was Hankyung.

Surprised, he asked, "Aren't you supposed to be busy?"

Hankyung laughed that easy laughter of his and answered, "Since SJM activities stopped for the third album, I haven't had things to do. I'm quite thankful for it, though. I need the break. And so," Hankyung said, continuing cheerfully, "I'm sorry to say this but you're stuck with me!"

Kangin, who wasn't too fond of that idea, grumbled, "Well, lucky me."

Hankyung just laughed, already used to Kangin's caustic behavior towards him. "Sorry, all Teukie hyung's idea. But then, if you hadn't gotten sick in the first place, you would have saved both us the trouble."

"You're blaming this on me because I'm sick?!" Kangin tried to yell, "I didn't know you were so heartless!"

Again, Hankyung just laughed. "Sorry about that. I was just trying to lighten the mood." Coughing, Hankyung continued, "Do you think you can eat? Teukie hyung, Ryeowook, and can you believe it, Heechul all told me to make you eat before giving you your medicine-- as if I didn't already know that."

Kangin raised his brows, amused. And then he scoffed and said, "I can eat without throwing up and I think I'm getting better already. But if it's that Beijing Fried Rice of yours again, I think I'll pass."

Kangin saw Hankyung smile at him, though there was something in there that he couldn't place, as he said, "i thought you'd say that. So I cooked your favorite dish."

"You can cook things other than Beijing Fried Rice?!"

Kangin didn't see Hankyung's expression when he said that as Hankyung had already turned his back to him. He liked to believe he had annoyed the older male, though. Before walking out of his room, Hankyung answered, "Of course. I'm not as incompetent as you think."

"I hope you cooked it well. I'm not eating it if tastes bad."

Hankyung turned around at that, an exasperated but amused expression on his face, "I can cook things other than fried rice, just so you know. And it's not like I can't read cook books either."

"Oh! So you can read Hangul now?!" Kangin said, laughing, though he felt his head spin as he did so, "What progress! But It seems you speaking skills have been left behind by that progress. Too bad, huh?"

Hankyung frowned at that but he still had a smile on his face. Then he left the room and Kangin began hearing sounds coming from the kitchen. After a few moments, Hankyung returned to Kangin's room with his favorite food on a tray, along with a glass of water, a pitcher, and his medicine. Hankyung placed the tray on the bedside table, grabbed a chair, set it beside Kangin's bed and sat as he placed the tray carefully on Kangin's lap.

Smiling, Hankyung said, "There. Now, eat up before it gets cold."

Eyeing the food warily, just for the heck of it, Kangin threatened, "If it's funny food, I'll throw it up."

Hankyung shook his head at Kangin's behavior and chuckled, "All right. You have my permission to do so."

Tentatively, Kangin took a bite. And found that the taste was to his liking. "Hmmm..." he mused, as if mulling things over, "Tastes all right. I've tasted better, of course."

On the chair, Hankyung only smiled as he nodded.

In truth, Kangin's never tasted his favorite food prepared as delicious as this. Of course, he wasn't about to tell Hankyung that.

In a few minutes, he finished the whole plate. And even though he was still queasy about food, because he hadn't been able to hold them down since getting sick yesterday, he found that he wanted more. But of course, he wasn't going to tell that to Hankyung.

Done with eating, Hankyung took the plate and handed him his medicine. He took it without qualms, wanting to get better already, and drank them as he downed them with water. After that, Hankyung took the tray away but left the glass and the pitcher on his bedside table. A while passed and Hankyung returned, from the kitchen Kangin guessed, but he stopped in the doorway instead of going in the room. Looking at Kangin, Hankyung said, "I guess you should sleep now?"

Kangin rolled his eyes, "Obviously." Lying himself down on his bed, Kangin sighed. That was good food, and though he won't tell that to Hankyung, he hoped Hankyung would make it for him again. Closing his eyes, without thanking the other man for helping him, Kangin slept.

Still in the doorway, Hankyung shook his head as Kangin closed his eyes. It was always difficult dealing with Kangin, especially for him. Kangin is a good person, very kind and caring towards his friends. Hankyung knows that, though he's never experienced that side of Kangin before.

Shaking his head once again, Hankyung gently closed the door and headed for his own room. As he walked, suddenly, the world spun and he stumbled. Leaning against the wall, he breathes hard, trying to get his heart to beat back to normal. He frowned as he swallowed thickly, confused.

Feeling his forehead, Hankyung winced.

Did he get Kangin's illness?


The next day, Kangin woke up with Hankyung hovering above him.

Surprised, he yelped and he'd have bumped his head against Hankyung's had Hankyung not moved away.

Smiling sheepishly, Hankyung apologized, "Sorry about that. I was just checking up on you. See if you were still alive and all."

Kangin groaned as he felt the world sway, "Right. You were probably half hoping I was dead anyway. Saves you the trouble of taking care of me."

Hankyung stayed silent when Kangin said that. Curious, Kangin looked at the elder boy and found him frowning at him. Kangin frowned as well, "What?"

"Nothing. It's just that... Do you really think I'd wish you were dead?"

Kangin raised a brow in surprise, then he laughed and his laughter made him lightheaded. "What are you talking about, hyung? I'm just pulling your leg. Why?" Kangin asked, challenging, "Were you really thinking that? Did you really want me dead?"

Hankyung quickly answered, "Of course not!" Sighing, he shook his head and said, "Anyway, are you hungry? I made pancakes."

Kangin laughed, "Changing the subject, are we?" Chuckling, Kangin continued, "If there's some left, yes, I'm hungry. I'm getting well, aren't I? No thanks to you, of course."

Pouting at Kangin, Hankyung said, "How rude. I'm here with you, aren't I? And I'm catering to your every whim. A little thanks would be nice."

"I'd hardly call cooking food and making sure I'm alive, 'catering to my every whim', hyung."

Hankyung laughed, "True. Still, I could be resting right now. Taking care of my own health and all that."

"So you're saying you're doing this out of your own will?" Kangin knew, of course, that Hankyung wasn't just doing this because of that. He knew that Hankyung cared, but Kangin, being Kangin, couldn't help but annoy the elder male.

"Of course not!" Hankyung said, almost yelling.

Kangin was about to laugh loudly when he noticed Hankyung sway a little, that his gaze was unfocused and that his breathing was a bit faster than normal. Laughter turning to worry, he was about to ask when Hankyung pouted at him and turned to leave.

A while passed and then some more, still Hankyung hadn't returned. Kangin was about to get up from his bed to check up on the elder boy when Hankyung came in his room, with the tray again, a plate of pancakes on top, a glass, the pitcher of water and his medicine.

Hankyung gently placed the tray on his lap but before Kangin could ask if something was wrong, Hankyung already left the room.

Kangin finished his breakfast, took his medicine but Hankyung still hadn't come back. Getting even more worried, Kangin was about to go out of his room to check on the elder boy when his door opened. 

"Hyung? Are you sleeping?"

It was Ryeowook.

"No," he answered, sighing. "I'm awake and alive."

Stepping in the room, Ryeowook giggled, "I can see that. How are you, hyung?"

Kangin nodded, "I'm okay. Getting better. Thanks."

Noticing that Kangin was half out of bed, Ryeowook asked, "Were you going to go to the bathroom?"

Kangin laughed, "No. I was going to check up on our resident Chinese. He gave me breakfast then he left. Is he there?"

"Hankyung hyung?" Ryeowook asked. "Hankyung hyung's not here. Teukie hyung asked him to clean the other dorm. Hankyung hyung's recording next week so he's free till then. Most of us are busy so we can't clean the dorms anymore. I'm here because I'm done for today."

"So he left me here alone?" Kangin said, disbelieving, "I can't believe it! He just left me here without saying anything!"

Beside him, Ryeowook laughed, "Don't get angry, hyung. I've been here the whole time. I don't think Hankyung hyung would leave you like that alone. Especially since you're still sick."

"He could have said something to me, still."

"Well, you could rebuke him all you want once you get better, hyung."

Speaking of illnesses... "Ryeowook, did you notice anything strange about Hankyung hyung when you were with him?"

At the strange question, Ryeowook frowned, "No. He seemed normal. Why?"

Kangin shrugged. "It's probably nothing, I guess. I must have been imagining things."


AN: I hope... that it wasn't too bad for the first chapter.>_<
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