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14 November 2008 @ 06:27 pm

Title-That girl
Prompt-48-that girl
Disclaimer-Not going to claim them...even though I'd love to.

            Hankyung could remember being new to Korea, when he had stared this way and that way, marveling at all the people passing by, and head whipping side to side as this girl and that girl and another girl passed by. He could also remember first meeting the band mates, asking shyly as they were all training,

            “Who’s that girl?” Someone had laughed at him and told him with a small smirk,

            “That’s not a girl. That’s Jungsu.” Hankyung had been confused, until he’d gotten closer to ‘Jungsu’ and realized that ponytail did not necessarily equal girl. As it turned out, the other trainee had been right. That girl was indeed a guy, and his hyung at that.

            “Call me Leeteuk,” he said, greeting Hankyung, “it’s nice to be working with you.” Hankyung smiled and nodded. As time went on, Hankyung met many more people, some of whom he again was slightly confused about. Through it all, he couldn’t help but think of Leeteuk the most. Finally, when they were put together in a group, he told him about the first time he had met him.

            “Girl?” asked Leeteuk, slightly in shock, “really?” Hankyung nodded sheepishly and Leeteuk vehemently denied the statement, that is, until he won third place in a pageant dressed up as a girl.


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