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.FATED LOVERS kawaiineyo4 (an ancient vampire the oldest of his kind is set on controlling the world of the undead and that of the mortal world and in order for this to be accomplished he must eradicate the two female vampires who have the power to stand against him, the fated lovers Cena and Ashe.)
(SUJU/DBSK Crossover, Overall PG-13, R, M, in certain cases NC-17, Contains Yaoi/Slash, Yuri/Femmeslash, Do not own SUJU or DBSK) Pairings include KiHae, ChunHyukSu, ShiHanChul, KyuMin, YehWook, KangTeuk, YunJae, Tae7en, Shindong/Boa, Cena/Ashe (OC), ShiHan, many more to appear.

.FATED LOVERS, SUJU/DBSK, 06. Refrain (Intro-Chapter)

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