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27 April 2012 @ 03:38 pm
Title: ugly
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk, HaeSica
Genre(s): Angst, AU, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Eating disorder, distorted body image, smoking
Author's Note: ok... so... this is dedicated to eunhyuk's birthday (i'm 22 days late!!!) and also my 1 year anniversary of writing >.<
ok so don't hate sicachu... i used her since i think she's really pretty :D
oh yeah and i'm not hating on anyone with the name Ana/Anna... i wanted to use another name for anorexia (it's commonly called ana/anna?) so i used ana
Summary: Hyukjae hates his reflection. He tries to stand on his tiptoes to elongate his body; it doesn’t work. His mind betrays him, and when he really feels the ridges of his ribs, the hollow of his stomach, his strange, sharp, jutting hipbones, all he can feel is disgusting, squishy folds of fat. He turns to the side and sucks his tummy in. If he looked closely, without the clutching grip of Ana in his mind, maybe he would’ve noticed that the column of his spine was showing against his sucked-in stomach.
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