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10 January 2012 @ 04:18 pm
Of Babysitting and New Rooms  
Originally posted by ablenkung at Of Babysitting and New Rooms
Rating: G
Pairing: YeWook
Length: Oneshot, part of cat!verse.
Genre: Fluff
Warning: cat!SuJu
Summary: Ryeowook is a fluffy little lost kitten, who's beginning to get used to life with the strays.

The cats supposedly all "took turns" babysitting little Ryeowook, but Jongwoon found that the job was given to him most of the time. He couldn't blame them, because he was, after all, the closest and most comfortable around the tiny kitten. By just watching him, Jongwoon learned a lot.

He learned that when Ryeowook was happy, he would bounce around and play. When Ryeowook was feeling calmer than usual, he'd tuck his little legs underneath his body and press his ears back, so in the end it was just his precious little face and soft little body you could see.

He learned that Ryeowook loved to be affectionate, kissing people on their noses with his tongue, or sometimes even the human way of kissing, using a closed mouth to peck people on their cheeks and nuzzle into their faces.

He learned that when Ryeowook turned over on to his back, his stomach made a really great pillow, soft and fuzzy, but Ryeowook didn't enjoy it that much, instead using Jongwoon's paws and legs as pillows to snuggle into or hold on to at night. Jongwoon didn't mind. Ryeowook's tiny paws around his larger one was a nice feeling, even if he did have to sleep with a leg sticking out.

And lastly, he learned that he kind of had a thing for the innocent little naïve Ryeowook.

Ryeowook was feeling calm and tired and was curled into his little ball that afternoon, and Jongwoon was licking his back and batting him around like a ball of yarn, as usual.

“Hyung, stop it,” he whined as he was rolled across the carpet of Jongwoon’s corner for the nth time that hour. “I’m tired, and I wanna sleep.”

“Oh. Sorry, kid.”

Ryeowook sighed as he was gently lifted by the scruff of his neck and placed in the sleeping area of the corner, a shallow plastic basket lined with a wool scarf.

Jongwoon crouched down so he was eye level with the tired kitten, then lapped at the bridge of his little nose. “You’re cute. Go to sleep.”

Ryeowook shifted and closed his eyes, and Jongwoon carefully climbed into the basket so Ryeowook’s head was underneath his chin, then lowered himself delicately, spreading his weight and warmth evenly on to the little body underneath him.

“Warm,” murmured the kitten, and Jongwoon chuckled and eased himself down so he was relaxed, resting his chin beside Ryeowook’s head.

“Yes, it’s warm. Now go to sleep.”


“Hyung… Hyung, wake up, I’m stuck.”

Jongwoon’s eyes blinked open at all the squirming and mewling that was happening under him.

“Oh, sorry, I guess I fell asleep… I just wanted to keep you warm.”

“… Meeer…”

He got up hurriedly, careful not to tread on any kitten parts, and Ryeowook rolled over as soon as he was freed.

“Hyung, I’m hungry.”

“Well, aren’t you a demanding little thing,” teased Jongwoon. “I’m sleepy, I’m hungry, leave me alone…”

Ryeowook took the teasing to heart and flattened his ears again, curling into himself, but the black cat was quick to repair any hurt feelings. “I was just kidding, Squirt. Of course you’re hungry, I haven’t fed you today. Don’t be sad.”

Ryeowook perked up considerably after that, but was still on the calmer, quieter side, even after he'd been fed.

Jongwoon spent the rest of the afternoon gently pawing and batting at Ryeowook, per usual, appreciating the baby fat and soft fur while it lasted, which he figured wouldn't be very long. Nice things never really lasted long when one lived on the streets, but he hoped Ryeowook defied that statement.

"Hyung, if you keep doing that, I'll have bruises all over me."

"No you won't, I'm doing it gently. You're just really sensitive."

His eyes met the big black ones set into Ryeowook's angelic little face, and he immediately drew his paws back from where they had been stroking Ryeowook's sides. He couldn't say no to the little stray, he was just too darn cute.

"Ok, I'll stop."


That night, after "dinner", Leeteuk announced that they were getting Ryeowook his own room/space. By doing this, he probably thought he was doing Jongwoon a favor. He knew that the mini-cougar liked his personal space, and Ryeowook was kind of invading it by constantly sticking to him and sleeping with him and licking him. Jongwoon just assumed this new innovation was for the independence of the tiny one.

"How about here?" suggested the leader, pointing at the corner between a shelf and the wall. Ryeowook, who had insisted on bringing Jongwoon with him, shook his head.

"It's... It's too scary and what if there's spiders and-"

"But this is the last corner in the warehouse!"

"Let him stay in the corner opposite to mine, Teukie. It's a good 4 meters apart there, he'll have some independence, and if he ever needs help he can come and bother me."

At the word "bother" Ryeowook curled into his sad little ball again, and Jongwoon nipped him on the nose as to say "don't be silly, you know I don't mean it like that".

Leeteuk agreed that this was a fabulous idea and set up a little- well, actually really big- bed for Ryeowook, a basket similar to Jongwoon's, lined with a folded pillow case.

"So if you ever need anything, just ask your Hyung. I'm sure he doesn't mind."

Jongwoon readily agreed and Leeteuk went off to his own business, leaving the kitten and the symbol of bad luck together to play a bit before bed.

"You're so soft," commented Jongwoon as he gave Ryeowook his daily licking (Ryeowook's tongue was still too small to clean effectively- it took like 5 minutes for him to do a paw), "and squishy. I wasn't like that when I was a kitten, I was a skinny little thing."

"I'm not that squishy." Ryeowook tried twisting his neck so he could get a clear view of Jongwoon. "And... And, I was fed a lot... With my owner."

"I'm not saying you're fat, you're healthy for a baby, maybe even a bit under weight."

"I'm not a baby!"

"Yes you are. You're like 7 months old, kid."

"... Hmph."

"Time for bed, my little one."

Leeteuk was back, and apparently determined on kissing everyone goodnight.

He pecked Ryeowook on the forehead once he was safely curled into a ball in his bed, then tried to kiss Jongwoon, but failed, so he just blew a kiss.


Late into the night, when Jongwoon was still concious, he heard a small sob. Just one, short enough for it to have been imagined, but he was sure that he had heard it.

"Ryeowook?" he called out softly, and a broken "meew?" replied.

"Ryeowook, come here if you're scared."

Through the dark, he could see something shift and supposed that it was Ryeowook shaking his little head.

"Then I'll come to you, ok?"

Not waiting for a reply, Jongwoon carefully walked the 4 meters to Ryeowook's room, nuzzling around with his nose to find the tiny kitten in the pile of pillowcase. He finally found something small and warm and fuzzy and crying out softly, so he wrapped himself around it.

"Ryeowook, what's wrong?"

"... Mee-.... Meew."

Although the basket was large-ish for a kitten, it wasn't enough space for Jongwoon.

"Let's go back to my bed, climb on to my back."

With shaky legs, Ryeowook got on to Jongwoon's sprawled out back, flattening himself out against the sleek black fur. He squeaked a bit when Jongwoon rose on to his own strong legs, carrying them both the short distance between the two beds.

"You can get off now, I'm not standing up."

Ryeowook slid off, landing on his stomach, then continued to sob quietly into Jongwoon's side.

"What's wrong, my little one? Did something hurt you? Are you ok?"

He shifted around so he was facing Ryeowook, then covered his face in kisses, the human type, in an attempt to make him feel better.

"Shh... Shh, Ryeowook, it's going to be ok. What's wrong? Can you tell me so I can make it better?"

"I... I was just scared, Hyung, I don't like being alone. I'm sorry for waking you."

"That's fine," replied Jongwoon kindly, licking a stripe up Ryeowook's face. "I wasn't sleeping anyways. Come, snuggle in. You don't have to go back if you don't want to."

Ryeowook decided that he would very much like to sleep with his Hyung, so he cuddled up to a paw, like their usual routine, squishing himself underneath Jongwoon's neck so he could have a blanket, AND a pillow.

"Good night, Hyung."

"Night, Ryeowook."


Cho_Sungmincho_sungmin on January 11th, 2012 11:03 am (UTC)
Oh my Gosh!!!
this is one of the cutest things I ever read!
At first I wasn't sure, if it is a good idea, to read something like that, because at
first it sounds a little bit strange, but awwww~
I'm glad that I read this one and the chapter before!
And I'm sorry for not commenting the other one, but
I'm reading with my phone and writing isn't that easy with it XD

Can you writw some more chapters with yewook as cats? That'd
be awesome, because I really enjoy it X3