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02 November 2011 @ 07:20 pm
What Love Does (Chapter 4)  

Title: What Love Does
Chapters: 4/?
Pairings: HaeHyuk (possible other side pairings later)
Genre: Suspense, Angst, Romance, Drama
Rating: R (to be safe for now; might become more graphic later)
Summary: Hyukjae is hurt. Donghae wasn't there to protect him. When Donghae almost loses the one he loves the most, what will he do to change their future? A story of love and how we conceive it.
Warning: This is my first fanfic. So it's gonna be a super fail. Mentions of Self-Harm, Rape, and lots of other crazy stuff that might be upsetting. Possible smut in the future.
Disclaimer: It's fiction. The boys are real, but this isn't their real story. I made it up. And unfortunately I don't own any of them. TT_TT

This will heal.