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14 January 2011 @ 12:52 am
My Sweet Yakuza Ch.7  

Title: My Sweet Yakuza  Ch.7
Pairing : Haehyuk, Changbum, slight!  sihyuk & sibum
Length : Chaptered
Author: Wishyclover
Genre: angst, romance, comedy
Ratings: pg
Disclaimer: : I have Hae in my room. Yes,Hae,  a clown  fish in aquarium beside my bed.
Summary : How could yakuza related to sweet things?
Warning : So much grammar error,typo mistake in here, there everywhere, but i hope you guys still can understand my story

 A/N : i'm fail again.. what do you think? comments are loved..

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Look’s like Changmin want to eat horse meat tonight ~.
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