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09 October 2010 @ 07:48 pm
You Were Meant To Be Mine 3  
Title: You Were Meant To Be Mine chapter 3

Pairing: Kyu/girl!Min, broken!Kyu/girl!Wook, Ye/girl!Wook

Rating: nc-17

Genre: Romance Angst

Warning: Genderswitch, smut

Summary: Kyuhyun were to marry Sungmin. The latter’s father already made their engagement official, and Kyuhyun is just too glad at how things suddenly turned according to his liking. But will he be still happy when Sungmin does everything to keep the wedding from happening? How far will Kyuhyun go to make Sungmin fall for him?

Disclaimer: I don’t own them (sadly). But the story is mine.

Chapter 1: http://megmil12.livejournal.com/1726.html
Chapter 2: http://megmil12.livejournal.com/1852.html
Chapter 3: http://megmil12.livejournal.com/2074.html#cutid1