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05 October 2010 @ 10:23 am
How To Make You Fall For a Guy Like Me part.5 (Sequel of “Watch Out!”)  
How To Make You Fall For a Guy Like Me part.5 FINAL (Sequel of “Watch Out!”)
Pairing : Main:Kyumin. Girl!Sungmin.
Hint: Haehyuk. Yewook. Girl!Ryeowook.
Past: Wonmin, Teukmin, 2Min (Minho “Shinee”, Sungmin).

Genre : romance… and some hint of school gangsters and fighting.
Summary: after the incident with Kyuhyun’s gangsters, Sungmin never meet him again. However, her life turns into a mess when Kyuhyun’s school is suddenly being merged with Sungmin’s school. Just what she gets her life into???!!!!!
Rating : PG-13
Notes : Finally, it’s done!!!!!! Comments are soooooo loved…..

“Yeah… I really want a new toy right now,” Kyuhyun smirked. But SUngmin could see better that that. “Playing with you is so boring, SUngmin. Don’t you realize that?”
There was an awkward silence fell upon them. Sungmin bite her lower lip. It’s now or never. She really should act now or she would loose Kyuhyun forever.