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03 May 2010 @ 01:00 am
oneshot - sweet love (hanchul)  

Title : Sweet love
pairing : hanchul
rating : pg-13
genre : FULAFFUUU >__< a bit angst, and LOTS OF romance ^^
disclaimer : like usual. just the story and character, I don't have their body.

summary : heechul is hankyung's boyfriend who love to cheat around. despite their  4 years relationships, heechul still hasn't change at all. one day, hankyung witnessed heechul in his cheating session. with the thought of hankyung will return to him, he has to swallow his pain in waiting since hankyung isn't come back...
but, would it be? hankyung isn't a person who left without explanation. he loved heechul more than his love for himself..

A/N : this is more of flashback story before the scene of "the father of sungmin's baby "happen. the story before hanchul married and waiting for their baby. so it has some similarity with the character from it ^^.
so in the end, these oneshots is a split story from one plot. I hope you all can enjoy this >__<

“heechullie…” the soft call make him turn his head in anticipation. His heart began to skip beats faster more than he could realize. When his eyes locked gaze with the last person he want to met that day, he can’t help but stiff in his place. The hurting stare, the pain of betrayed. Heechul can’t find his voice to speak, at least give him some explanation. It just easy if his brain could work properly, he only need to say, ‘hankyungie, this is just a game, I’m still yours..’, but it was too late.