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18 March 2010 @ 03:01 pm
Through Baengsin's Eyes  
Title: Through Baengsin’s Eyes
Author: pinksharpii
Pairing: ninja!Eunhae (my big fat bias)
Rating: G (but probably PG to be safe)
Length: oneshot
Genre: Crack
Summary: After busy schedules come to an end, all of Super Junior are home together and Baengsin doesn’t like it.
Warnings: BRIEFLY implied sex, some language.
A/N: Baengsin’s POV. Baengsin is Heechul's cat, for those that don't know.
Possessive cat is possessive and has many favourite humans. This is why cats are so loving.
Chapter three of It’s Okay to be Gay is coming guys. Don’t worry. Eventually. I work a lot, have scholarships to work on (Yea I procrastinate). And I’m in school. Spring break is the week after next and I’ll have the first few days off (because I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out. ew.) So I’ll have time to write. But it should come before that.