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25 June 2008 @ 12:26 pm
Two challenge fics and a chapter  
Two fluffy happy one shots to make up for my chaptered story. Which is neither fluffy nor happy.

69. Sailing (Kangin, Shiwon, PG-13) Shiwon and Kangin go sailing. They laugh, they have fun, Kangin gets embarrassed, Shiwon would if he understood some of the awkward things he says. They discuss their relationships with the oldest two in the band. I dunno, I really liked it. Just the dialogue between the two made me happy.
73. Milkshakes (Eeteuk/Eunhyuk, PG) Eeteuk is being an overprotective (and slightly annoying) mother. Eunhyuk shares with him one of he and Junsu's secrets from when they were trainees. More Mother Eeteuk. Because I can't resist.


No hell below us above us only sky
Chapter 26
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: KRY
Summary: Kibum fetches Kangin from hell and Kangin doesn't do well with the transition and collapses and Eeteuk decides that the best thing for him to do is play doctor. Hankyung doesn't agree but Eeteuk is stubborn. Kyuhyun gets yelled at by Kibum and the goes to visit Ryeowook and Yesung