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17 September 2011 @ 03:08 am
Update + New Fic  
Title - Pathos: Chapter 6
Rating - 15 (overall): Warnings for swearing, violence, and implied sexual situations
Subject/Pairing - SJ+M and cameos from other kpop artists (pairings to be decided)
Summary - AU. Sungmin lived an average kind of life, but the thing is, he's more than a little extraordinary. Even if he didn't know it.

"You're our friend, Donghae," Sungmin replied easily, "You're our friend."

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*** A/N - Some significant changes have been made in chapter 3 since it was posted


Title - Mistaken Identity: Chapter 1
Rating - R (overall): Warnings for swearing/suggestive language, violence/gore, mentioned solicitation, implied sexual situations, and implicit character death
Subject/Pairing - SJ+M; (eventual) Lee-trio, other pairings implied and/or to be revealed
Summary - AU. Because no one is as they seem, and it's a dangerous time to misjudge character.

"Hey, speaking of, where is he?"

At that, Heechul's smirk came back in full force, "Undercover, of course. What, you think I'd waste time on a case like this one?"

A/N – Fic collaborations between unorderedlist, sujuhigh, and myself; please read and leave us some love :3