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10 June 2011 @ 10:09 am
Promises, Promises Chapter 4- Angel's Wings  
Title: Promises, Promises

Pairing: Kyuhyun/OC
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Yet.
Summary: What happens when your best friend breaks your promise? And, in the process, breaks your heart? In the early years of your friendship, you and Kyuhyun promised to be each other's valentines, and since then, you stuck through. Even that one year, when that hot (like omg-lee-donghae-hot) guy asked you to be his. No matter how many guys(and no matter how hot they were), you never gave in to the temptation. Because what sort of best friend would you be if you didn't, right? But by the Valentine's Day of junior year, some things have changed...
This is my first fanfic on LJ! I hope you enjoy reading ^^ Please comment :3

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3


Heechul's POV


Oh there's Kyuhy- WHO THE HECK IS THAT GIRL?! I glance at Kyungmi, and see her covering her face with her hair. Aww! My poor baby's crying! She must be so heartbroken to see Kyuhyun and that girl together!


"Hey, guys. This i-"


"I'll see you guys later,” Kyungmi says as she leaves us. Aish! That little punk! How could he just stand there while his best friend was crying her eyes out?


"What's her problem?" Kyu asks, not even taking a second glance at where she exited the cafeteria. He was too busy looking at that other girl. BABOBABOBABO!! Okay, Kim Heechul, you've waited long enough. Time to put Operation Make Kyu and Kyungmi Fall in Love Even if They Already Are and Don't Realize It into action!! What?! I'm short on time, okay? Just go with it!


"Yah!! Cho Kyuhyun! Why don't you go check up on Kyungmi, and not just stand there if you're so worried about her?!" I shout, quite loudly.


"What? But hyuunng!! What about Seo-"

"Stop whining! Just go! I'll take care of your.. whatever, just go!"


Kyuhyun groans, and looks apologetically at Seowhateverhernameis. Then he ran out the door after Kyungmi. Mwahahahaha! I can't help but smirk at his cluelessness.


Kyuhyun's POV
UGGHH!! WHY WON'T ANYONE LET ME EAT MY LUNCH TODAY?! Heechul hyung... He's probably up to another one of his schemes, again. Did I ever tell you how much his schemes irritate me? Okay, so maybe I was involved in about 90% of them, while the other 10% had something to do with setting me up with Kyungmi. So what?

Running is so tiring. I should probably work out more, but then I wouldn't have time for my Starcraft! So many levels, so little time, you know what I mean?

Where is Kyungmi? And why is this school so big?! I've already reached the front of the school, and I still can't see her! AND I STILL HAVEN'T EATEN MY LUNCH!! Oh, there she is. With Eunhyuk hyung? Why are they together? And why is his arm around her? And why am I asking so many questions? Anyways, back to the point, why are they together?


'Maybe you should find out for  yourself, Kyu?'


Wait, but why would you want me to eavesdrop on you? And what are you still doing here?


'Kyu... do you really think you can get rid of a figment of your imagination? I'm a part of your mind, so really you're just telling yourself to go and eavesdrop on me'


So, wait, what? Are you saying I'm talking to myself?


'Uh, yeah, pretty much. 'Cause on the inside, you're really just a lonely boy wi-'


Oh, look, I think I'll go eavesdrop on you now!  This reminds me... What did I do wrong?

'You should know exactly wha-'


Will you shut up, already? Really! You're even annoying in my thoughts!


Anyways, I become SneakyKyu,and walk towards the school's courtyard, where Kyungmi and hyung had floated off to, talking about who knows what. I hide right beside the open door, and begin to listen in to their conversation.


"...can I do for you, Kyungmi?"

Tch, why's hyung trying to be all gentlemanly? Wait, is he trying to flirt with Kyungmi? Haha! Sucks for him, because she'll never fall for it. That would be breaking her... promise... with me...


Oh. Oh. This explains a lot.


'Ya think?'


SHH!! You're saying something!


"Hyukkie oppa~", Kyungmi purred.

Wait a second... You better not be doing what I think you're doing, Park Kyungmi!


'Don't look at me! I'm a figment of your imagination, remember?'


You're no help at all! "Will you be me my valentine?"

WHAT?! How could she even think about breaking our promise?!

'You're one to talk! You completely forgot about our promise with that girl!'

She has a name, you know.

'Does it look like I care?'

Forget it, I'm going to get some lunch.






Kyungmi’s  POV

"Uh, s-sure, Kyungmi. Of course, I'll be your valentine."

Yay! Now, I can have a real Valentine's Day. Who needs Kyuhyun? I smile at Eunhyuk, and he takes the bag of chocolates from my hold. He grasps my hand with his free hand, and we walk back to class together. His hand feels so warm!~


"So, Kyungmi. Would you care to tell me why you were crying just now?" he asks me.

This is what I like about Eunhyuk. He's so caring and thoughtful. Unlike other guys I happen to know. -cough- KYUHYUN -cough-


"Oh, it's nothing, really. It was really stupid, anyways."

Yeah.. Stupid Kyuhyun...

We finally reach my class, and Eunhyuk turns to look at me. "Oh, okay. It's fine if you don't want to talk about it. I'll see you later at work, okay?" Then, he takes me into a hug, and suddenly, all my worry disappears in his warmth.


We've had hugs before, seeing as we're good friends and all. But this hug had a different feel to it. Instead of a friendly hug used as a greeting, this hug was more shy, yet more intimate at the same time. A blush crept up my neck and I felt my heartbeat quicken it's pace.


"U-Uh, yeah. Work." I say, still in a daze. I am suddenly looking forward to work tonight.




"Okay, class dismissed! Happy Valentine's Day! No homework!", my teacher says. I grab my stuff, and stand up to leave, but someone grabbed my shoulder.\

"Where do you think you're going, Kyungmi?"

Just who I wanted to see. I turn around to find a very annoyed Kyuhyun. I glare at him, and gingerly take his hand and place it to his side.


"What do you want?", I ask him. I have to say, seeing Kyuhyun's face up close like this, he's really handsome. Ha! Haha.. I was just stating a fact.. Yeah... ANYWAYS, as I was saying...




"Seeing as you already had a valentine," I say, emphasizing the word just to let him know that it was the reason for my being pissed,"I gave it to someone else."


"Oh, Kyungmi. Is someone jealous?"

Okay, now I'm clenching my fist. How can a guy be so selfish and self-centered?!


"HA! You're real funny, Kyuhyun. But I already have a valentine, so if you'll excuse me, I need to go to work now!" I storm out, and leave him standing there, looking frustrated.


Kyuhyun's POV

Oh, so this is how we're going to do this? Okay then, let's play.


'Who are you even talking to?'


...I hate my life.

Your POV

I decide to walk to work today, but most days I would take a taxi. One of the perks of my job is that its close to the school. That and it has a good pay and a cute manager. Okay, maybe the last part is is a big perk, but I would never say that out loud.


I finally reach a pure white building just as a soft snow began to fall. I dust of the little flakes that had already attached themselves to my jacket. The building was one in a line of shops located in the middle of town. The building was near to glowing, since it was painted completely white, aside from the huge sign that called it 'ANGEL'S WINGS CAFE', which was colored a deep sapphire blue.


The cafe is actually kind of popular with teenagers, and we're not exactly sure why. Some of the male employees say that the cafe gives off a 'special' aura that would attract any teenager, locals and foreigners alike. But in my opinion, its the owner of the store. He has a really charming persona, and has facial features that live up to the name of his cafe. That, and the entertainment.


Our entertainment is actually pretty good. And sometimes, when there's not many customers, and the manager is in a good mood, he lets me get on the stage with Eunhyuk, and we perform. Sometimes.


"Sorry I'm late!", I say as I rush to tie my waitress' apron around my waist.


"Oh, hey Kyungmi! It's fine, just get to work!" Leeteuk oppa shouts from the kitchen.

Looks like today's going to be a busy day. It usually is on Valentine's Days, since so many couples are on dates. I grab my pen and pad, and begin my shift. I go to front of the cafe to greet newcoming customers.


"Kyungmi! What took you so long to get here?" Eunhyuk asks, already waiting for me.

I never really realized how much time we spend together. I mean, we have three classes together, we have the same group of friends, and we work in the same place.


"Sorry, I wanted to walk, and I had to deal with something at school", I explain.


"Why are you apologizing? I was just wondering", he says, while giving me a gummy smile.

OHMYGOSH! So cute~ Then I hear a bell ring as the door opens.


"Anyonhasaey-", I begin to say, but I straighten my back from my bow when I realize who it is. I take in a sharp breath, and feel mixed emotions rise inside of me. The nerve of this guy!! That's it. IT'S ON.


(A/N): Yay for Leeteuk and Heechul! I love the '83 liners~ ♥