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More pictures.

I've had these for awhile, but I forgot to post them. These are the photos that are in the Flash movie on Makoto's website.

Lookit.Collapse )

Also, a couple of links. Some of you may have already been to these websites, but I'm sure there's someone who hasn't. These might be more appropriately posted on stardust_boogie, but I don't feel like it.

JZEIL @ trick - Go to "HITOSHIER" and you'll drown in old pictures of Hitoshi. :D
DAIGO with the space toys - There's a photo link next to one of the live dates.

Courtesy of Yuka Kawamura

See a bassist in here that you recognize?

The file was uploaded last year, and I don't follow Anna Tsuchiya at all (I was amazed at how good her English was, if that tells you anything...), so I'll start digging to see if he's in any more recent stuff. :D



Deth to websites...

The official website died, along with Hitoshi's personal site. D: My cup runneth over in sadness.

Looks like they neglected to pay the billzez.


Is it just me.....

Or is Hitoshi venturing out of retirement?

*can't read Japanese that well yet*


Just because I can.

Time to pimp new projects. Or, well, Makoto's new(??) band. Akihide and Hitoshi aren't doing much of anything; Hitoshi is just playing support for Daigo and Akihide has retreated into his computer is doing web design.

So Makoto's new band.

They're called KNIT. I think Makoto was playing support for them before NEVER LAND broke up, but I don't remember. At any rate, he's a full time member now. They have a website, which features lots of pretty pictures, but alas, no audio. They seem to have the same attitude about selling their music that NEVER LAND did. That is, at lives only. Jerks.

I think I'm going to spam their BBS and their info email until they make themselves more accessible. ♡

I SUCK. I'M SO SORRY. This is why reading blogs = absolute necessity. Hitoshi quit music in March. He did his last live ever on March 19, playing support for Daigo.

hitoshi was in the hospital for two weeks? Is that right? I can't really understand it, they're postponing the anniversay live.