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Alright guys. Here's the deal; We're moving home. And this is all because of certain people who have left the community without letting me know. This type of behaviour really pisses me off. So now I'm becoming strict. There's no use being a nice mod (For any of you who are planning to maintain a community) because all the members just walk all over you at the end of the day.

So, if you still wish to take part in this community ... Just comment here and let me know. I will give you 7 days to reply or your rp journal that you used for this community, will go to waste. I shall deleate you from here and won't give you the name of the new comm.

If you're planning to stay, now's the time to change your character. If you want, you can change your character's personality, LJ icon, house ... Whatever. You get the picture.

So hopefully I'll be rping with you all soon, otherwise, goodbye.
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