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Thomas: Thomas leaves the computer with a smirk on his face. Honestly. The nerve of the Weasley. But it amuses him nonetheless as he stands up. He thinks maybe Davy is probably in the Portrait room, and he takes his wand with him as he goes there, humming to himself. Thomas will check there before he checks the library. He opens the door after making sure no one is around, and looks around.

Davy: Davy is sitting on the floor, underneath the window, his back pressed against the wall. His knees are drawn up, and his cap is pulled over his face. He hears the door, and glances up. At first he smiles before he realises you might have come by to tell him you want to be with Charlie instead. He frowns. "Hi, Thomas," is all he says in a soft, pouty voice.

Thomas: Thomas grins as he closes the door behind him and ends up kneeling on the floor in front of him, a grin on his face. But the grin slowly evaporates as he acknowledges the voice, accompanied with a frown. He tilts his head as he sits back on his hind legs, regarding him silently. "Hey. What's the matter?" He asks in a drawl.

Davy: Davy takes his hat off, running his fingers through his hair, and planting his cap back on. "Charlie Weasley is the matter," he admits with a sigh.

Thomas: Thomas rolls his eyes before he puts his palms on both of Davy's knees, spreading them apart so he can somehow sit in between his legs. He frowns. "What about him?" He drawls.

Davy: "He's flirting with you," Davy says, shocked you don't understand. He puts his hands on your shoulders. "I don't like it. Do you like him?"

Thomas: Thomas leans his weight on Davy's knees - his elbows supporting him. He rolls his shoulders as Davy holds it, but not to shrug him off, but simply to know he's there. "Why should I?" He rolls his eyes. "He's a Gryffindor."

Davy: "So would you prefer him if he wasnt' a Gryffindor?" Davy asks, swallowing. He squeezes your shoulders lightly, trying to soak up your nearness.

Thomas: Thomas continues to frown, but spreads Davy's legs wider so he can sit down indian style. He looks at him with a raised brow. "What is giving you these ideas, Gudgeon? I was simply commenting with him in the journals."

Davy: "Yeah, but I couldnt' tell if you liked him or not. You might think he's cuter than me, or you may be tired of just snogging me," Davy keeps his hands on your shoulders, as if to keep you from leaving him.

Thomas: Thomas rolls his eyes one last time before he lets his head droop, his forhead on Davy's chest because they're so close. "I don't. He's a Weasley, for crying out loud. I am indifferent about his looks, truthfully." He says, his fingers steepling together in his lap.

Davy: Davy sighs. "You going to be my boyfriend for a while then, Thomas?" His arms wrap around you, holding you. "Because some of your comments made me think you...were keeping your options open."

Thomas: Thomas sighs and mutters something. He shifts a bit until he's laying down (leaning against him, though - cause he obviously knows that Davy would like that at this time). "I'm not. You hufflepuffs worry too much."

Davy: "You don't seem to mind a Hufflepuff," Davy sighs. "What were you just muttering?"

Thomas: "I just called you an idiot." He doesn't bother to think otherwise. (( And yes )) "Because you are for obviously thinking that."

Davy: "I'm not an idiot. You're an attractive bloke. Other guys are going to be interested, especially if they realise you're gay," he sighs again, his palms resting on your chest.

Thomas: "Especially with my very strong arms, hm?" He says, talking about the comments. But he sighs and decides to be blunt. "Look, it's just Weasley. It's not like I'm just going to go there and snog him senseless, or do something of the sort."

Davy: "I noticed your strong arms first," Davy points out. "I just don't add to your already huge ego." He snorts disdainfully. "And I already told you once, I don't like thinking about you snogging anyone else but me." He looks down at you.

Thomas: Thomas looks up at him, a frown still on his face. "I'm not going to snog anyone else but you, Gudgeon, honestly." He arches slightly and squirms, trying to get comfortable, thankful he's leaning against soemthing soft.

Davy: Davy beams at his, his hands moving to cup your cheeks lightly. "That's a wonderful thing to hear," he grins happily. "You know I take being your boyfriend very seriously. I won't be snogging, or flirting, with anyone but you."

Thomas: Thomas can't help but roll his eyes, but he ends up grinning. He wants to snog him, so he tilts his chin up a bit but doesn't move to do so. "Good, because my beater's bat doesn't only hit bludgers." He states.

Davy: "Why are you threatening me, Thomas? Sometimes I just don't know what you're on about!" He heaves a sigh, and leans down to press his lips to yours lightly, before sitting up and giving you a puzzled look.

Thomas: "Who said I was threatening you?" He laughs, despite himself. "I was talking about the person you kiss, if you ever do so." He smirks, squirming a bit to look at him, then leans up and kisses his bottom lip, still grinning from the earlier comment.

Davy: Davy moans softly when you kiss him. When you finally pull back, he's smiling softly at you. "You'd be jealous too? Why, Thomas, I didn't know you cared so much." He runs the pad of a thumb over your lips. "You know, if I start flirting with another bloke, it might throw people like Brenna off; I think she and Charlie are suspicious about us."

Thomas: Thomas's face darkens a bit. "How come she said we," he emphasizes, "were cute? ... You didn't tell, did you?" He frowns, looking a bit critical, but decides not to point fingers until he's heard Davy. But he leans up, wanting Davy to touch his lips again, much like a responsive cat.

Davy: Davy leans over and kisses you with a smack. "Thomas Robert Nott! I told you I'd keep your secret. I've not told a soul and I won't." He sounds a bit hurt. "I don't know why she suspects."

Thomas: Thomas rolls his eyes and pulls Davy closer by the back of his neck, leaning up to kiss him from the angle he's in. He pulls back, "Just making sure." Then he kisses him again, closing his eyes, needing his daily Davy Kisses.

Davy: Davy decides to quit talking and snog you instead. He traces your lips with his tongue before moving inside, his arms around you a bit possessively. "Mmmm," he mumurs, content.

Thomas: Thomas sighs and runs his hand through Davy's hair, opening his mouth to let Davy take charge. His skin starts to tingle all over again as he tries to shift into a more comfortable position, hearing his mummer, and nips Davy's lips with his teeth (gently, of course) before letting his own tongue slide against the other boys.

Davy: Davy deepens the kiss, his hands moving circles over your chest, his tongue moving circles in your mouth. I could kiss you for days, Davy thinks to himself, loving the feel of you resting against him.

Thomas: Thomas's own hand that was in davy's hair move downward, to his back, his fingers inching in the shirt absently as he kisses him back, tilting his head. Thomas makes a small sound in his throat as he feels Davy's hand on his chest, and he sucks gently on Davy's tongue, making another small sound (unable to control himself).

Davy: Davy emits a soft moan when he feels your touch on his neck. His own hands begin to slide up and down your arms, fingers playing with the muscles underneath, all the while his mouth continues move over yours.

Thomas: Thomas pulls back and wants more. He looks at at Davy, and slowly, before Davy can capture his mouth again, he ghosts his lips against davy's skin, down his neck and kisses his adam's apple, before doing what Davy did the other day, starts to suck gently as his fingers entwine in Davy's hair.

Davy: "Thomas," Davy moans in a throaty voice, the vibrations transferring to your mouth. He lifts his head to give you better access, and tilts his head toward the fingers in his hair.

Thomas: Thomas shifts around again and starts to suck a bit more firmly, then pulls back, absently thinking of how good it is. "What?" Unaware of the huskiness in his voice, he goes back to kissing his neck, with an occasional nip here and there.

Davy: "Just - that's nice," he says in a raspy tone. His arms wrap around you again, holding you tightly. "Thomas - like saying your name," he says with a soft moan, savouring your attentions.

Thomas: Thomas nudges Davy's neck with his nose before letting his mouth kiss his adam's apple again, and turns around to kiss him better. "That's nice." He says, both hands trailing up his shoulders, kissing his neck, and he lets out a small moan.

Davy: "Thomas?" Davy says in a shaky voice. "I...really like you," he says a bit oddly. "And not just because you snog so well." He pulls you closer to him.

Thomas: Thomas sighs appreciatively and looks at Davy with half-lidded eyes. "... Explain." He says, then continues to kiss his neck, then trails his lips up to Davy's ear, and whispers, "I had a great teacher."

Davy: "Explain what?" Davy gets out, having trouble concentrating when your mouth is on his neck like that. "I don't just like you because we snog a lot. I like talking to you too." The words are staggered and slurred a bit. He shudders when you speak in his ear. "I just - instinct," he gets out, moaning again.

Thomas: "Mm-hmm.." Mutters absently as he breaths into his ear, his body pressed against Davy's completely. His lips trail to his cheek, kissing it gently, before it trails to his bottom lip, and he sucks it, his breath heavy as he kisses him with his eyes closed. "If you say so.." is quite husky.

Davy: Davy can't stand the teasing, and his mouth crushes into yours, tongue greedily moving inside your mouth. His hands slide down your back, now that your facing him, and he boldly cups your arse to pull you more tightly against him.

Thomas: Thomas's eyes open and he makes a muffled sound in the back of his throat, but he dives in just as hungrily and kisses him back eagerly, both of his palms on Davy's chest, gripping the shirt tightly. "F-Fuck.." He manages to gasp.

Davy: Davy pulls back. "Wha?" His hands move up to your back. "Are you upset that I did that?" he asks throatily, lips swollen and wet.

Thomas: Thomas pulls back, lips also red and swollen. "No, no, do that... just surprised me.." He trails off and kisses him eagerly, tongue diving into his mouth as his hands slide down to Davy's stomach.

Davy: Davy smiles until your mouth takes his again, and his hands slide back down to your arse, cupping your cheeks with a light squeeze. He feels like he can't get enough of you, and he's more than reassured you don't really want that Weasley bloke.

Thomas: Thomas's hands have a mind of their own as they squirm a bit, and gently rub his stomach outside of the cloth, kissing him with breathy moans and gentle lips. "You're really ravishing..." He manages to chuckle at the cheesy line.

Davy: Davy gasps. "You think so?" He smiles at you. "I like you touching me, and kissing me. I like being your boyfriend," he finally finishes softly, moving to kiss your neck.

Thomas: Thomas smirks and pulls back, but closes his eyes as a throaty moan escapes his mouth, and his hands clench to themselves. He wants to do more than that, he wants his hands to go somewhere - but he doesn't want to invade Davy's privacy. "I-I like that..." He manages to whisper.

Davy: Davy nuzzles and licks at your neck, raining kisses all over your jawline and chin as well. He moves to your ear, nibbling your earlobe and blowing soft air into it. "I like making you feel good," he murmurs, licking the shell of your ear.

Thomas: Thomas squirms in Davy's lap, tingling all over, especially downwards where he doesn't want to go. "Yeah.." He mutters absently, biting his lip as he can only do so much... He looks at him, though, with heavy lidded eyes. "I. .. I want to touch you.." He says boldly.

Davy: "Okay," is Davy's only response as he leans back to look at your face. He then leans back forward, tongue licking at the pulse point on your neck. He begins a gentle suction with his mouth on the tender flesh. "I wish I could put my mark on you," he says a bit possessively. "Then maybe that idiot Charlie would quit flirting with you." His mouth goes back to suckling your neck, still very lightly.

Thomas: Thomas arches a bit, hissing, "Then go ahead..." He mutters, eyes closed and he squeezes it shut as Davy sucks a sensitive spot. "Oh gods, that feels ..." Unable to finish his sentence, he manages to look down and pull up davy's shirt a bit, touching the skin with his fingertips.

Davy: Davy shivers slightly at your touch, pulling back slightly, eyes dilated. "Thomas, if I do that, others will ask who put it there," he says in a shaky voice. "Can I open the top of your shirt and put it on your shoulder?" he finally asks, biting his bottom lip.

Thomas: Thomas nods absently and slowly slides his fingers up, thinking, if Davy wants him to stop, just to tell him. "I don't care.." He mutters at the first sentence before leaning forward and capturing his lips gently.

Davy: Davy's breath hitches as your fingers move over him and he flashed you a brilliant smile. His fingers work to open the top of your robes, removing your tie and opening a few buttons on your shirt. His fingers are trembling slightly, and he hopes you don't notice. When at last he bears some skin, his head dips and his mouth licks and nibbles at your collar bone.

Thomas: Thomas's breathing escalates as he feels the warm, wet tongue on his skin, and he grips Davy's shirt with his fingers, moaning. "Gods yes... more..." He says absently, and one hand starts to run through his hair, while the other rises up his shirt, feelign the muscles quivering under his fingers.

Davy: Davy needs no further invitation and he begins to suckle the flesh under his mouth, harder this time, fully intent on leaving his mark on you. Its difficult to concentrate with your hands on him, but he continues moving his mouth on your bare skin.

Thomas: When Davy sucks harder, he whimpers quietly in his throat as his fingers brush against his nipple (the sucking making his finger jerk, actually) and he bites his bottom lip, shifting a bit in his lap. "Davy, fuck..." He says, not meaning to say that and looks at him, resting his forehead against his own. "You're good at this." He says, hoarsley.

Davy: Davy looks at you with wide eyes. "You say that like I've had a lot of practice," he notes worriedly. "I'm just doing what feels good," he points out. "Did that bother you?" He pulls back your collar a bit, noting the small purple mark.

Thomas: Thomas's eyes are almost dilated black, and their twinkling as he looks at Davy. "No, it doesn't." He mutters and pulls him into a kiss, sucking his lower lip gently, and letting his tongue trace over it. He pulls back, and rubs his nose affectionately against Davy's, feeling as if it were the spur of the moment.

Davy: Davy happily lets you control the kiss, and when you rub his nose, he smiles so broadly, even his eyes are shining. "I left my mark," he says a bit proudly.

Thomas: Thomas looks down, and of course, he can't see it. He tilts his chin up though, "Where? Point it out?" His hand is gently resting on Davy's stomach, fingers stroking there gently.

Davy: Davy slides his fingers over the mark, just out of sight under your shirt's collar. "I like feeling your hand on my skin; its warm," he admits, leaning forward to simply embrace you in a hug.

Thomas: Thomas returns the hug, face burried in his neck, and he mutters, "Same with yours." He says, and squeezes him before pulling back, just to look at him.

Davy: Davy blushes a bit under your scrutiny. "What is it?" he finally whispers, eyes locked on your face.

Thomas: Thomas smiles and tilts his head, and looks down by pulling his hand out. He looks up again, though. "I won't go for someone else, Gudgeon." He says.

Davy: Davy beams. "I won't either, Nott. I only want to be with you." He watches you carefully. "Thanks for reassuring me," he adds, voice sincere.

Thomas: Thomas smiles slightly and tilts his head, hand going up to touch the claimed skin. "So this is a hickey, hm?" He smiles.

Davy: Davy nods. "I've never wanted to mark someone before," he giggles softly. "You think I'm odd?"

Thomas: Thomas smirks, "A bit, but you know, I like it. Sends out a new fashion statment everywhere, really." He mutters, fingering it absently.

Davy: "No one can see it," Davy assures you. "I made sure of that." He takes your free hand, threading his fingers through your own.

Thomas: Thomas can't help but smile and tilts his head, "Such a hufflepuff, Gudgeon. Be proud of that, yeah?"

Davy: "Be proud of what?" he asks, puzzled. "I"m proud you're my boyfriend."

Thomas: Thomas tilts his head to the side, squeezing hsi hand. "Be proud you're so pleasant, s'what I'm saying." Blowing some hair out of his eyes, he mutters, "but you don't have to be proud of that. There are much more nicer and - cuter people around. Like that Lupin fellow."

Davy: Davy gives you a smirk. "You're just fishing for compliments, you snot," he teases, reaching to brush your hair out of your face. He continues to stroke the tresses, looking into your eyes. "I'm very proud you're my boyfriend. You're smart, fun, like to fly with me, help me do stuff - you're stellar. And your fucking handsome and you know it!" He leans forward to plant his mouth on yours.

Thomas: Thomas pulls back, though. "I'm not, really. I'm a stuck up snob who enjoys history of all things and obsesses over quidditch when it's unhealthy. I imply horrible things and my father and motehr pressure me to be what theyw ant me to be, and eventually, I'm going to have to listen." He says and sighs.

Davy: Davy sighs too. 'So what did you expect, Gudgeon, that he was going to stay with you forever?' He shakes his head, both to clear the thought away and negate your words. "You're not stuck up with me, and there's nothing wrong with history and I happen to like Quiddith a lot too - just not as much as you." He thinks about your parents. "And you gotta do what you gotta do," he points out. "I think you're special and wonderful - stellar."

Thomas: Thomas sighs. "You don't understand, clearly, do you?" He tries again, but ends up shrugging it off. "But nevermind. And thank you." He says when Davy says the last part, and reaches forward to brush fringe from his eyes before sitting back, eyes inquisitive. "No one ever fancied me before, you know."

Davy: "Well, you're certainly fancied now," Davy laughs. "Me, Charlie. Who knows who else!" His eyes sparkle when he laughs, and he reaches to take your hand again.

Thomas: Thomas grins, "But I don't like Weasley. His hair is too red." Cringing, and rolling his eyes. "And, like you said, is basically a person who likes anything that walks."

Davy: "No, he seemed to really like you. I was just trying to get him to quit flirting. I wasn't too obvious was I?" he worries.

Thomas: Thomas shrugs a bit, "Not really, but I wouldn't have gone for him anyway. ... Wasn't really my type." He says, and looks at Davy meaningfully.

Davy: Davy smiles. "Oh, and what's your type?" he asks coyly, licking his lips.

Thomas: Thomas raises a brow, "I only have one type, really." He says, not giving away anymore info.

Davy: "Oh, and what is that type?" Davy comes back, wondering what it is about him that you seem to like so much - when you could have anyone.

Thomas: "Not exactly a type, but.. " He trails off and shrugs. He just smiles, though, mysteriously.

Davy: "But what?" Davy says, amused and exasperated.

Thomas: "I'm not going to tell you. You have to find out for yourself." He says, and looks at his watch before sighing. "I better go... but... see you tomorrow?" Asks, tilting his head.

Davy: Davy nods. "Of course," he sighs, letting you go. "I'll miss you," he says a bit inanely, but sincerely.

Thomas: Thomas bodly kisses him on the lips before standing up a bit shakily, grinning down at him. "Yeah, I know. See you later, Gudgeon." He smiles and makes his way to the door.

Davy: Davy sighs, watching you go. "He likes you, dear," the painting says again. "Well, good, because I like him too," he mumbles back, picking up his cap from the floor.

Thomas: Thomas heads out with a small look behind his shoulder, making his way to the Slytherin common room.
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