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RP log

Sunday the 15th of June, 1977, continued...

Sirius: I can't help but sniffle a little when Remus presses kisses over my face. It feels so soft and gentle and *nice* and I want to just cry more and say I don't deserve this, don't deserve him, but the last thing I want to do right now is make things worse than they already are. I nod slowly when Remus asks if I want to go take my shower, and I'm struck with the sudden image of myself when I was six, and had had a nightmare about being sucked down the drain, and had made my father come into the bathroom with me. I blinked once through my tears (though by now they've slowed considerably) and mentally shook myself. Enough images of me as my smaller self. Especially considering it was during that time period that I insisted on wearing duckie bathing trunks in the tub. Uh... "Yea. A shower sounds good," I say quietly, looking down. I feel stupid, really, but who the fuck cares. Remus' arms are around me, and that's all that matters right now.

Bella: I sit back against Remus' pillows, a very satisfied smile on my face. SO knew it would work out. Cause I said so. "Yup. You smell all doggy like. Go cleanse, Padfoot."

Remus: As I watch Sirius and gently caress his cheek, I'm struck by a wave of protectiveness. Suddenly it doesn't matter what happened or why or how, all that matters is that Sirius is okay, no, more than okay - happy. He looks so miserable and so...pathetically adorable. I kiss him gently and wipe his cheeks. "Want me to come with you? Or do you want to go by yourself?" He just seems so...alone, even with two of us with him, and he doesn't seem to want to go, so I just have to offer.

Sirius: I'm choosing to ignore Bella at the moment. Wisely. I blink again at Remus, and get the image of the two of us in duckie swim trunks, and then it hits me what Remus just said. Okay, so yes, I've betrayed the person I'm in love with, I've yelled at my friends, I've acted like an idiot, and I've burst into tears. But I'm also seventeen, and the idea of my... boyfriend? Significant other? Quasi-lover in some not-quite-lover sort of way? Did I just use the word lover? Anyway, the idea of him coming with me while I take a shower is putting bad thoughts in my head, regardless of what's happened these past few days, and he is awfully close, and we're about to get a lot closer unless I get away now and... I regretfully step back, and offer Remus a very, very small smile. "I'm fine. Really. I learned hot to shower by myself about a year ago, I think I can remember how to now." Okay, humour is lacking, but at least I'm not crying. Anymore.

Bella: I'm still shuffling the cards, and now keeping my big trap shut. Boys. Honestly. Sheesh... anyway, I still say we're playing poker tonight.

Remus: "Okay." I smile back and sit on my bed opposite Bella. "We'll be here when you get back." I watch him for a moment before turning to Bell. "Wanna play a muggle game while we wait for Sirius? It's only two players."

Sirius: I nod once at Remus then trudge off to the bathroom, sighing quietly at the prospect of having a nice, hot shower. After the glorious twenty or so minutes I spend standing right beneath the hot, steady stream of water, I fluff myself off with my towels and change into the clothes I brought into the bathroom with me, and head slowly back out to the dorm, running my fingers absently through my damp hair. I wanted to sleep, but I wanted Remus beside me, and right now I wouldn't settle for anything but... so it looks like poker it is, for now at least.

Bella: Remus and I play the said muggle game while Sirius does his whole 'inner-cleansing' bit. "You know, I think he's going to be ok. Eventually. But he's going to have major guilt issues... it'll be forgiving himself that's the bitch."

Remus: "Yeah, I know." I sigh as I gaze down at the cards, my mind not on the game at all. "I'm just glad he's back. Cause, like we said, we can start figuring out how we're all going to get past this, together, as a group."

Sirius: I get back into the dorm, and smile a little to myself as I watch Remus and Bella play cards. I run my hand through my hair again and move into the dorm so that I can sit on the edge of my bed. I'd rather sit here and watch for a moment, before I actually have to join in.

Bella: I look up to give Sirius a little smile before throwing down my cards. "Ok. Game over. As I'm not winning." I grin at Remus, rummaging in my robes. "I know it's in here somewhere..." Hmm... which pocket? "Ah-hah!" I pull out a niiiice little bottle of firewhiskey. "I think we've earned this."

Remus: "You've learnt that trick from Sirius, haven't you? He always quits when I'm winning too. I'm beginning to think I'll never finish a game unless I let you guys win!" I collect up all the cards and shuffle them, knowing Bella's dying to play poker now and smile over at Sirius. "Come and sit over here. You can't play all the way over there."

Sirius: I'm fairly certain that when I was gone, everyone's bodies were taken over by extraterrestrial life forms. I mean really, what is this, Leave it to Otter? Or Leave it to Mongoose? Whatever, muggle thing I heard once. I'm almost expecting someone to be hiding under the bed next to Remus, and for them to suddenly pounce on me when I get over there, but I push my ridiculous paranoia aside and move slowly over to sit beside Remus. I eye the bottle of firewhiskey, then the cards, then look up at Bella. "We'd better be drinking that, not just looking at it."

Bella: "Yeah, and since you've been Mr. Pity-me all night, you have to go drink for drink with me." I grin really quite viciously. I really wonder if Lucius isn't wearing off on me somehow... "Consider it punishment, since you know you can't keep up with me." A challenge? Why, I believe it was.

Remus: The expression on Sirius' face as he comes to sit with us is just so...strange that I feel I have to restrain myself from touching him. He doesn't seem to trust us. "So, are we going to play now?"

Sirius: I give Bella a dark look and almost absently push my damp hair from my forehead. "I'll drink you under the bloody table, Figg." I glance over at Remus, hating the awkwardness and uneasiness that seems to be between us, and shrug a little. "Sure. I guess. Playing now is fine with me."

Bella: "Suuuuuuuuure you will." I grin and start shuffling the cards before taking a nice long hit off the bottle. Gee, that's a temporary solution if I ever saw one... "... do you want to explain the rules, Remus?"

Remus: "Okay." I smile a bit tentatively at Sirius. "Well, you know how to play poker, right? But with this game, we've decided that whoever wins each hand gets to pick someone and ask them truth or dare."

Sirius: ... Okay, now this just sounds like a bad idea. A very bad idea, but then again, I am the king of bad ideas, so I may as well keep my goddamn mouth shut and go along with it. "Oh?" I ask. "Well then. That should certainly make things more interesting." Way to state the obvious, Sirius.

Bella: I hand over the bottle to Sirius, before dealing out the first hand. "And I, for one, promise to not make them ridiculously cruel. Just... creative. I promise."

Remus: I do my best not to let on but I really do have a pathetic hand right now. "Creative is probably an understatement, knowing you." I grin at Bella and move in a bit, coincidentally closer to Sirius.

Sirius: I take the bottle gratefully and take a far larger sip than necessary. Best face the extraterrestrials whilst intoxicated. I peer at my hand of cards without really seeing them... which is strange, because normally I'd be more than into a good game of cards with friends, but Remus just moved closer to me and I'm feeling awkward and a little warm at the moment. "Creative," I repeat, sounding like a doomed man. "Creative, from you, is definitely an understatement.

Bella: "Oh, pooh. So I've got some ideas. They're not mean. Ish." I keep a totally blank face at my cards. Which takes skills, as there's three Aces. Heh. Let's just slip in a fourth, shall we? Did I mention I know how to cheat at poker? Cause I should have...

Remus: "It's the ish I'm worried about." I put down two cards and accept two new cards from Bella. Two sixes. Probably not good enough to win...unless they've got something worse than that. I can be hopeful.

Sirius: I look down at my hand of cards, then look to my hand of firewhiskey, and decide that one is ultimately far more important than the other. After a particularly long sip of the firewhiskey, I hand the bottle to Remus, my eyebrow raised just a bit. I've never actually seen him drink before, so this should be quite interesting... I glance back down to my cards and shrug a little, and put down just one, and take another from Bella. At the moment I don't particularly care about poker.

Bella: I fake a draw, not needing any more, obviously, then grin over at Remus. "C'mon, Remus. If I'm getting Sirius drunk, you might as well join in. It won't take you nearly as much anyway."

Remus: I'm a little put out as I take the bottle from Sirius. What was *that* look for? I'm beginning to get indignant as I glance from one to the other and take a big gulp from the bottle. "You're *still* going on about me not being able to handle it?" I ask Bella, handing her back the bottle.

Sirius: "*Can* you handle it?" I ask, sounding curious. I stop and blink for a moment, then drag my mind firmly out of the gutter. Stop it, Black, I scold, you just betrayed the bloke, don't think about what you two could be doing behind the curtains of your bed. Well, that image didn't help much. "It's just I've never seen you drink before," I add quickly, sounding as casual as I possibly can, given the moment.

Bella: "Hey, I only speak the truth, Remus. I'm so willing to bet you're a lightweight." I grin and take a long draw myself, happily starting to get that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. Ah. And four aces in my hand. "Ok... so, I'll open. Just say if you fold or not."

Remus: "I...might not have drunk much before but I'm sure I can handle it." I poke my tongue out at Bella and toss my cards down on the bed. "And I fold." Might as well, two sixes is hardly worth worrying about. My head is beginning to feel lighter already. Hey, this is kinda nice.

Sirius: I take the bottle from Bella and take another large sip. I think I'd like to get pissed now, thanks. "I fold too," I say, shaking my head (which makes me feel a bit dizzy). I don't think I can even remember what my cards were. I think I had a two of hearts. Or was that clubs? "Oh who cares," I say out loud, without meaning to, as I take another sip of the firewhiskey.

Bella: "You both just fold?" I wasted one of the aces up my sleeve for *this*? Sheesh. "You're no fun. Fine. Then I win." I flop my cards down, face up. "Hmm... now, who to pick, who to pick..." I grin a little at them both.

Remus: "Hey! You're the one who dealt the cards. One might think you dealt us bad hands on purpose," I wink at Bella, teasing, although I wouldn't put it past her now that I think about it. "Okay, bring it on then. Who are you going to torture first?" I grin and reach for the bottle, my fingers brushing over Sirius' as I take it from him and drink some more. It burns a bit going down, but the effect is more than worth it I've discovered.

Sirius: I've discovered two things in this very moment. The first is that firewhiskey is great. The second is that yes, even after everything, and after proving that I'm a bloody idiot, (and especially after drinking a bit too much firewhiskey a little too quickly), all it takes is the brush of Remus' fingers over mine to make me hard. Well, now this is uncomfortable, both literally and figuratively. Need more alcohol. "Torture is bad, unless both parties find it arousing." Did I just say that? Yep, from the looks on both your faces, I did. I reach over and pluck the bottle from Remus and take another sip. Now, if only the room would stop moving around...

Bella: Annnnnnd that's my cue to take the bottle from Sirius. "Ok, enough for you for now. Yup. And Remus, I pick you first." As I'm not sure Sirius would hear me say anything anyway..."I want you to stand on your head. You can use a pillow, and it doesn't have to be for long. But you have to try!" Start 'em out easy, yupyup.

Remus: "Stand on my head?" I blink at Bella, expecting something worse than that. "Well, I'll try. Probably won't be able to do it, but I'll give it a go. Hey, can I do it near the wall?" I grin at Bella as I slide over to the edge of the bed. "I think I could probably do it against a wall. Otherwise, I'll probably fall over." I giggle a bit at the thought and drag a pillow off the bed, glancing at Bell to see if she'll allow just a little cheating.

Sirius: ...? Yea, he did just say that. I squeeze my eyes shut then open them again, still pouting a little over the fact that Bella took the firewhiskey away. "You can do it against a wall," I say sagely, "if you balance and hold on tight."

Bella: Ok, that wasn't nice. Because now I've got firewhiskey coming out my nose. Coughing, I nod at Remus. "Yeah, yeah..." Then I glare at Sirius. "That was so mean...saying that while I was taking a drink. Sheesh!"

Remus: Ew! I grab the bottle from Bella so she doesn't splutter all over it, take a fortifying drink and set the bottle down on the bedside table. "If I hurt myself doing this, I'm blaming you," I tell Bella firmly. I glance quickly at Sirius but I'm determinedly ignoring what he said. He probably meant it in a dirty way, his mind is always in the gutter. Didn't he mention something about some Hufflepuff and a wall somewhere.... Nope, not going there. I place my pillow on the floor near the wall and attempt to stand on my head. And I actually manage to....kinda. I'm not sure exactly how successful I am but all of a sudden I'm toppling over, landing in a heap on the floor. "Ow..." Now my head is spinning a bit. Clearly, I need another drink. "Was that alright, your highness?"

Sirius: "You need better balancing skills," I say, sounding solemn. "I could teach you, but if you fall over like that you're liable to break my broomstick." Well, it would appear that that stupid inner voice that always gleefully points out the innuendo in anything is taking full advantage of the fact that I'm a bit pissed at the moment.

Bella: I start laughing so hard I fall over on the bad onto my side. "Oh my God, oh my God..." When I finally get control over my breathing again, I grab the bottle back, shaking my head. "Yes, that's fine. C'mon, let's go again..." I'll let one of them win this time. Cause I'm curious what they can come up with for me, truthfully.

Remus: Making a face at Bella, I sit back down on the bed, closer to Sirius again. "Alright, I'll deal this time though." I quickly shuffle and deal the cards, concentrating hard on my hand. "Hmmm" I'm trying to be serious but it's hard when Sirius is talking about his broomstick and teaching me things.

Sirius: I attempt to make things a little less hazy by blinking a few times, but that just makes Remus appear twice. Whoa, double Remus.... okay, that train of thought is ending *now*. I sigh to myself and peer over at Remus as he shuffles and deals the cards, then reach over to snag the bottle of firewhiskey. I take another sip then set the bottle down, and look at Remus again. "I don't think I want to play cards," I declare. "I forget what we're playing. Is it polka? Isn't that a dance? I don't want to dance, and especially not with cards, I'd expect they were worse at dancing than James." Okay, well, that made sense in my head...

Bella: I blink. Twice. Ok... someone was dehydrated before we started, and now someone's sloshed. Let's just make the bottle disappear, shall we? "And we all know that dancing with James sucks... so, let's just see how the next hand goes, huh?" I give Remus a look. Sheesh. I really hope that he's not embarrassed.

Remus: I widen my eyes at Bella. Okay then... "Want any new cards, Sirius?" I'm not even entirely sure if he knows what he's doing anymore.

Sirius: "No, I'm a good dancer, thanks," I reply, raising one hand so I can rub my eyes. Why do I feel so damn light-headed? Oh well. I look over at Remus and smile at him, because I've decided I want to. "You two can have more cards. I'll sit here and watch, like a good Padfoot."

Bella: Must not snicker. Must... not... snicker... Dammit. I snicker. "Er, maybe we should forget the cards and just play truth or dare." Since at this point we can get whatever we want out of Sirius anyway. I almost feel bad. "And I already went."

Remus: I smile back at Sirius, feeling like it's a special moment, because he's actually smiling at me again. "Might as well." I toss my cards on the pile. "Alright, Bella, truth or dare?" I grin at her, feeling decidedly devious as I consider what I might get her to do.

Sirius: "One time I was dared to eat grass, and I did, and then I got the hiccups, and coughed up grass," I say helpfully, one hand absently tugging on a strand of my hair.

Bella: I blink, then take another drink. Waaaaaaaay too sober, thanks. "Dare. But if you ask me to eat grass, you're in so much shit, Lupin."

Remus: I giggle a bit at that and reach for the bottle. "You won't be needing this for a moment." I take a drink as I consider ideas. "Hmm, I dare you to...go to dinner wearing only the invisibility cloak." I giggle a bit more, I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Sirius: I tilt my head and blink at Remus, before I make a noise which is too close to a giggle for my liking. "Naked Bella," I say, in a sing-song voice. "Ha. Sounds like fun."

Bella: An eyebrow arches, and I put on a very businesslike face. "I assume that you guys will be walking with me to make sure no one bumps into me?" And I grab the bottle back and slug another one.

Remus: "Of course we will! I'm truly offended, Bella dearest, that you would think otherwise!" Okay, so alcohol brings out my dramatic side. Hey, it's fun.

Sirius: "But you'll be invisible," I point out, blinking again. "And we won't be able to see you. Which is good 'cause you'd be naked and I'm with Remus, and I'm not supposed to see other naked people. Actually, I haven't seen Remus really naked yet, so I have no one naked at the moment. Isn't naked a stupid word?"

Bella: You know, it's a good thing I'm now drunk. Cause that'd be really weird if I was sober. "Yeah, and I bet Malfoy would be real pissed if *everyone* was looking at me all naked...And, Sirius, you're so RIGHT. It IS a stupid word!" I blink. Whoa.

Remus: I swallow at the thought of seeing Sirius naked. I want to see him naked right now. I want to... Okay, stopping that train of thought right there. "I want to kiss you all over." My eyes widen as I stare at Sirius. Stopping thinking it does not mean start saying it!!! "So. Who's turn is it?" The game. Let's get back to the game. "I think it's your go, isn't it, Bell?" I blink a few times to clear my foggy vision as I look at Bella. Not gonna look at Sirius. Nuh uh.

Sirius: "You know," I muse thoughtfully, "I think I'd like that." I grin cheerfully at Remus, seemingly unconcerned with the fact that he can't look at me at the moment. I turn to look at Bella, and close my eyes for a moment, to keep the room from spinning *too* much. "Bella, Ara, Bell, Figgy McFigg," I sigh. Okay, that had no point, but I felt like saying it.

Bella: I blink, very fuzzily. If they're going to have sex here, they could at least make sure that I'm out of the room, inconsiderate bastards..."Hmm... Figgy McFigg? I like that... but it's actually Sirius's turn."

Remus: I shrug apologetically at Bella. I don't know when I got it into my head that Sirius would react badly to me saying things like that. I mean, come on! It's Sirius. So I grin back at him, eyes sparkling. "Your turn, Sirius."

Sirius: "My turn to kiss you all over?" I ask, furrowing my brow in bewilderment. "Am I allowed to do that?" I blink again then smile, because I suddenly feel like smiling again.

Bella: "Er... no kissing. Er, not me, anyway. Because that would make Remus all sad. Which means!" I stand on the bed, rather steadily, impressing the hell out of myself. "You should only kiss REMUS!" I bounce back down onto the bed, grinning. "But it's your turn to make someone answer truth or dare. Duh."

Remus: I just HAVE to bounce on the bed when Bella bounces back down, because, you know, bouncing's fun. And it gives me the chance to oh so subtly bounce closer to Sirius. Ooh, I'm so sneaky, I'll bet no one noticed that! "Yes, we don't want to make me sad, so it's your turn to ask someone truth or dare." I've made an executive decision and decided that I *like* firewhiskey. Tastes a little weird (and it's all I can do not to make a face when I swallow it) but damn it makes me feel all happy and...bouncy.

Sirius: "Remus *is* the only one I want to kiss," I say, nodding my head in agreement, though I stop that, because my brain feels like it's rattling around when do it. "And I don't like making him sad," I add, pouting a little. "I hate making him sad. I want to make him happy, and I tried before, but Snape sucks centaur balls, and he was bad. Very bad." I nod gravely (but slowly, this time), and gaze at both of you with wide eyes.

Bella: "We alllllll know that Snape sucks..." I pause. "Does he really? No, that's not the point. Anyway, you won't let Snape get to you again, right?" I'm balancing upside down on my head, leaning agianst the headboard. Cause I can. "And then you won't make Remus sad!"

Remus: My eyes are just as wide and I move closer to Sirius, taking his hand in mine. "He is bad. He's a bad, bad man. Very bad. What did he do?"

Sirius: I sigh and try to shake my head, but it really makes things spin, and I'd like to keep my feet on the ground (or, well, really, my arse on the bed), thanks. "He's just bad. A wanker. An arsehole. He said bad things." Oh, way to be vague, Black. "I had to shut him up. Didn't want to hurt you," I add quietly.

Bella: Whoops, fell over. Ow. Sorry, guys. As I think I landed in one of your laps there. Not sure which one, though... "He's a big bastard. Bloody bastard. Big, bloody bad bastard." I punctuate that with a nod.

Remus: "It's okay." I lean closer and kiss his lips briefly and hug him for a moment. "It's still your turn," I say as I pull back. Had enough of this subject, it's bringing me down and I'm rather enjoying being up.

Sirius: "I have a Bella in my lap," I declare, just before Remus leans closer and presses his lips to mine. After he hugs me and pulls back, I give a wiggle and ease Bella off me, because I fear I'm getting a little worked up. Again. Don't want to cause any unnecessary hysteria. "My turn...? Oh! Oh. Um." It would probably be easier to do this if my thoughts weren't going in every bloody direction at the moment. "Uh. Who do I dare?" I ask, wrinkling my nose. "Remus? He already went. But McFiggy did too. Okay, Moony, truth or dare?"

Bella: I giggle and sit in Cobra, propped up on the pillows. "I'm McFiggy. YEAH! Truth or Dare, Moooooony!"

Remus: "Hmmmmmm." I take this very, very seriously. "Truth." I nod decisively, my solemn demeaner just a little spoilt by a giggle escaping as Bella says my nickname.

Sirius: "Truth?" I ask, as though the word seems foreign. "Er...*could* I kiss you all over?" I blink at the words I just said... that wasn't what I had been planning to say. "Uh, I mean..." And now I've gone and confused myself. Where's the alcohol gone to?

Bella: I stand up, giggling something fierce. "Ok. I'm drunk, but I'm not stupid. That, my dear Moony and Padfoot, would be my cue to amscrey. Leave. Vamonuse…”

Remus: I blink up at Bella. "You don't *have* to go..." But it's a rather feeble protest really.

Sirius: "Va..mon..oose?" I ask, drawing the last syllable out. "Amscrey? I didn't know you spoke Mermish." I grin a little, for no apparant reason, and reach over to ruffle Remus' hair. "Mermish people are always so... mermishy."

Bella: "For that dare? Believe me, Moooooony. I've gotta be out of the room for *that* one." I salute, then turn around and walk smack into the closed door. "... ow."

Remus: "There's a door there," I call out, a bit too late, and fall back against Sirius in a fit of giggles. Really, Bella is toooooo funny. I love her.

Sirius: I snicker at Bella. Ouch. "Door!" I call out cheerfully. I slip my arms around Remus when he falls back against me without even thinking about it, and I press a kiss to the top of his head. "You smell good," I announce, still grinning after the sight of Bella walking into the door.

Bella: "Ow." I say from the floor. Yah know, where I fell down.

Remus: "Are you okay, Bell?" I call out from where I'm perfectly comfortable leaning back against Sirius. I would get up and help her...but I don't wanna.

Sirius: "The floor is soft," I say, nodding once, slowly. "McFiggy's fine. Are you fine, FigMickey? Er... yea. And Remus, you never answered my truth," I add, poking him in the side with one finger.

Bella: "I'm fine. But I'm not sure that I want to be in the room for this particular dare when it's acted out..." I can't stand up. Which is really going to *suck* if they go about this.

Remus: "Are you going? Or are you going to stay and watch?" I ask, giggling more, squirming a bit as Sirius pokes me. "I forget the question," I regretfully reply. "But the answer is yes."

Sirius: I blink, looking quite confused. "How can you answer without knowing the answer? I mean question? And what is Bella watching? Are we doing something? *Can* we do something?"

Bella: "And can someone help me up so you two can make out with *out* me in the room? PLEASE?" I'm flopping on the ground. Totally can't get off the ground. So of the not cool.

Remus: "I can answer because I *remember* the answer, silly. I just don't remember the question." I twist around to kiss Sirius briefly, and wink at him. "In a minute." Then I slide off the bed and walk over to Bella, swaying a bit. Luckily Peter's bed is nearby so I can grab a bedpost along the way. "Up you get, Bell." I reach down to pick her up and nearly topple over myself but eventually we're both standing upright against the door. Holding her close, I manage to get the door open and grin at her. "Think you can make it to your dorm?"

Sirius: I remember the question, and dear Merlin, I think I need a cold shower right about now. I clear my throat and watch as Remus moves to help Bella, shifting a little on the bed as I try to make myself comfortable. "Dorms, dorms are good," I say, grinning. Not that that made any sense in the slightest.

Bella: I giggle and sway a lot when I pull away. "I don't have a choice, as you two boys are alllll smoochie, and I don't want to be around for it, thanks."

Remus: I grin happily and squeeze her gently before guiding her out the door. "Okay, your loss. Bye then."

Sirius: "Allll smoochy?" I echo, grinning a bit. "Not too much smoochy yet, unfortunately." I shrug and watch as Remus guides Bella out of the door, then settle back on the bed, sighing a little. My head hurts, but I'm pushing that aside for now.

Bella: They'll find me in the morning, nice and curled up next to their door. Unless they're damned loud.

The End (finally!!)
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