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I told Brenna that I'd meet her on the grounds past the Pitch, and while I'm waiting I'm standing on my head. You know, cause I pretty much can. Good way to balance myself in more ways than one, after all.

Brenna is walking down toward the pitch scanning the grounds for you; she sees you, standing on your head yet again and walks a little faster to meet up with you.

I make a move to wave over to her, grinning, but naturally that throws my balance off and I topple. "Whoops! Hey, Brenna!"

Brenna laughs at the sight of you trying to wave at her and shakes her head when you topple. "Hey Bella, you need a hand?"

"Naw, plunker down next to me. It's a totally nice day, and we can give ourselves sugar highs while we're at it." I fumble in my robes and pull out a couple of quills. Gotta love the never ending stash. "You just seemed down on your last journal entry, and I wanted to see if I could help."

Brenna sits down next to you and sighs as she accepts a quill. "I don't know what's wrong with me, but I have this feeling like I missed something rather important and its bothering me," She looks at you meaningfully hoping you understand her hints.

Unfortunately, I'm totally sworn to secrecy on that one, but I am hiding other that could be spilled. "Well... yeah, I guess you kind of are. The guys have kind of been flipping out lately with my choice of... er, dates."

Brenna looks a little repulsed having heard about you and Malfoy briefly a few days ago, but she doesn't know much about it as she prefers not to eavesdrop whenever possible. "I heard a little about that."

"Yeah, well, needless to say everyone isn't real happy with me about it. Oh well. It's just been a lot of drama. Not to mention Remus and Sirius getting together too. Apparently, we've all fallen into some ridiculous romance novel. I'm looking for a way out as we speak." I nod, quite sagely, then pop my quill into my mouth.

Brenna gives a small smile. "I haven't really seen either of them around lately, but I do agree with the romance novel thing from what I have heard." Brenna sucks on a quill as she wonders exactly what you're keeping from her.

Nope. Not telling. Not that one. "Yeah. It's nuts. But anyway, summer's coming up and that'll cool things off. I get to stay with Remus, so that'll be cool." Just a little, my face falls. Summer always reminds me of mum in St. Mungo's. Not a pleasant recollection, naturally.

Brenna notices your face fall and feels bad; she reaches out and touches your hand gently. "Everything will cool off over the summer, when we get back her in September it will be better."

"Oh... well, it's not that." I sigh. Might as well tell her. "My... my mum isn't well, and so I won't be seeing much of her. She's..." I can't help a little sigh. "She's in St. Mungo's. And with Dad... yeah. Anyway, holidays aren't always much fun."

Brenna feels even worse now, "Oh gosh... I'm sorry... do you want a hug?" She's not sure what to say or do as she's always had her parents to turn to. She bites her lip nervously.

"Aw... I always like hugs." I pull her into one. "I didn't mean to unload on you. I just... I don't talk about it a lot, you know? Too weird."

Brenna feels a little better, not much, but she understands. "I completely understand sweetie, and don't worry about unloading on me. I've seen you in the common room and the halls and you look rather stressed out, so don't worry about unloading on me." Brenna smiles warmly at you.

"It always is harder this time of year. Cause... I know that I'm not going home to anyone, you know? It just... BITES." I toss a rock into the lake, then wave back at the giant squid as he waves his tentacles. Yes, I know he's most likely angry, but I'm *pretending* he's just waving hi.

"I understand. I have a recurring dream right before school lets out every year that I'll be waiting at Kings Cross for hours until someone comes and tells me something horrible about my parents. Its hopefully just a paranoia but I understand a little bit about the not going home to anyone..." Brenna feels like a prat for bringing up her stupid dream and smiles at the giant squid who is waving his tentacles at us.

"And... well, it's gotta be doubly hard on you. But I'm sure it's just paranoia. I mean, lots of people have dreams like that. It's just hard." I sigh and pop a peppermint toad into my mouth. "Anyway, this summer will be better. Cause I'll be staying with someone I actually like, rather than relatives who don't really want me around."

"Yes, thats a good thing, you get to stay with Remus, it must be really great to have so many friends," Brenna realizes what she said and grimaces.

"... I really don't, you know. I mean, I've got Remus, Sirius, James and Peter. Lily is really busy these days..." I sigh a little. "It's not how many friends you have, Brenna. It's how close you are to them. Making the effort can be hard sometimes, but it's totally worth it in the end." I toss another rock into the lake.

Brenna absently wonders if the squid is going to attack them before she says, "You're completely right. I've been such a moron lately thinking that everyone is just ignoring me when I haven't openly sought out anyone for a good week... I think it was that whole prediction problem I was having..." she said the last bit extremely quietly praying no one is around to over hear.

"... that really can't be easy, can it? I mean, the Sight. And you weren't a moron. We all need our times to sit back and think rather than be social and whatnot. You know you can always talk to any of us. Gryffindors stick together, no matter how corny that sound." Hm... no more rocks. The squid is waving those tentacle just a liiiiiittle to quickly.

Brenna sighs and watches the squid a moment in contempation. "I honestly don't know what I'm doing sometimes, concerning the Sight I mean. My mother doesn't have it, or at least not like I do, my grandmother was my tutor but she was killed and now all the advice I get from my mum is to talk to Trelawney, but she doesn't know the first thing about what I have as she doesn't have it herself." Anger in general isn't a good thing, especially when you don't know what to do about it.

"Isn't there a Ministry office to help? I mean... Trelawney is nuts, we all know that. Maybe Dumbledore can help or something." I stand firm in my conviction that Dumbledore can help everything.

Brenna rubs her eyes tiredly. "I have no idea if there is a Ministry office to help, and the only time I see Dumbledore is at meals and I don't want to bother him, he's awfully busy."

"Busy helping the students." I nod firmly. "Trust me. He so won't be bothered if you ask for help."

Sighs, "Okay, I'll see if I can talk to him."

"Trust me." I repeat, pulling her into another hug. "He can help, I'm sure of it."

Brenna smiles despite herself and hugs you back. "Thanks Bella, I'll go find him as soon as possible."

"Not a problem. Anyway..." I stand up, brushing off my robes. "I've got to get ready for practice. It's on again. Wish James would make up his bloody mind." I grin and wrinkle my nose, then offer her a hand up. "You going to be all right?"

Takes your hand and gets up. "Yes, I think so. I will go see if McGonagall can get me to see Dumbledore. Have a good time a practice."

I pull her into yet another hug. She seems to need them, and who knows? Maybe physical contact helps with this whole Sight thing. "Take care, ok? And let me know later how it goes."

Brenna smiles, friendly contact always makes her feel better, "I'll take care, and let you know. Now, don't break anything at practice okay? You guys have to pummel Slytherin."

"Oh, duh. Don't worry. They are *so* going down." I grin and take off for the pitch, waving behind me. "See you later!"

Brenna waves back and calls out, "Bye! See you later!" Brenna walks back up to the castle to look for McGonagall
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