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i hope you two sick fucks read this.

i'd just like to say that happy_can and hispanics are both SICK, SICK FUCKS for making that joke. and in the bright eyes community, no less. it wasn't enough to put it in their disgusting, pathetic community but they had to spread it too.

i don't know about the rest of you, but i am seriously getting sick of those two. n o t h i n g they say is funny. it's all just stupid shit to get attention or to piss people off. because it is just sooo cool to stir up trouble, to be the "rebels," to be the ones that people get pissed off at while they remain calm and amused. well guess what, all they are doing is proving themselves to be insecure little pricks who have nothing better to do than make fun of people on lj, and their fucking souls are going to fucking hell.

and don't anyone dare tell me to calm down because i am not calming the fuck down. it's hard enough as it is to meet people who are truly interested in indie music so i find these two lj communities to join and settle down in, to talk with people who are interested in the same music that i'm into and then these two fuckers come in and screw everything up.

great, now i've wasted an entire post on two complete idiots (sorry) but i just had to get this out somewhere.

by the way, anyone going to warped tour? me and answerisseven are going! =) (EDIT: the San Francisco venue- July 2- Pier 30/32)
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