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hi!no delete please [*Friday*
Originally posted by nikitagretzky at что вы вы видите на этой картинке?
Originally posted by diak_kuraev at Как делаются сенсации
... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой
dance, dance, dance


Hey everyone. I recently found a leotard that I purchased for dance and it ends up that I cannot use it. I decided to sell it instead. It is Capezio ABT leotard size XL. It's black with an additional pale blue piece on top and it has double straps. It looks like a tank under the leotard. It's really cute! I usually wear a size medium or large and this one fit me for sizing. I cant send pics because my comp crashed =( If you are interested please comment to this and I will send you a price. I am selling it really cheap too.
dance, dance, dance

news!=) [*Saturday*

[ mood | excited ]

im so excited im starting pointe this year!! i wasnt able to sign up for it the past years because of my ankles but now im in it and soo excited!=D

just thought i'd share!=)

2 dance, dance, dance


[ mood | frustrated ]

Ughh! Why can't I get these stupid LJ-cuts right?!?
I LOVE to dance!Collapse )

2 dance, dance, dance


i'm not very active in this community anymore, so someone could take over it
dance, dance, dance

? question ? [*Saturday*

[ mood | bored ]

can anyone here make icons? let me know, thanks.

5 dance, dance, dance


omg i tried out for the nutcracker and im gonna be the dew drop fairy!!
3 dance, dance, dance

results! =) [*Sunday*

[ mood | jubilant ]

hey eberyone i just got back from Myrtle Beach for our dance nationals! it was so fun! well here are the results for my dances:

`Everlasting Love, solo Jazz--Elite Gold
`Le Jazz Hot, 9-12 large group Jazz--Platnium, 1st place, "Fierce" Award, 1st high score in 9-12 large groups/In the Battle of the Stars-2nd place
`I Like It Like That, 9-12 large grop Jazz--Platnium, 3rd Place
`Who Will Call Him King, 9-12 large group Lyrical--Platnium 1st place, 2nd high score in 9-12 large groups
`The Glory, 9-12 large group Open--Platnium, 2nd place
`Reach, 13-15 line jazz--Elite Gold, Tied for 1st place
`Fame, 9-12 production line Jazz--Platnium, 1st place, 2nd high score in 9-12 production lines/In the Battle of the Stars-3rd place

well thats the results from Starpower Nationals!=D

2 dance, dance, dance


[ mood | excited ]

So, I had my first *official* tap class today!! Its the only thing I haven't taken (that are offered at my company) and me and my friends all wanted to start it, so our teacher made us a class! We're all 15-17 and none of us have ever taken tap! I'm rambling... anywayz, I student taught tap to levels one and two, but today was my first day... however I couldn't dance because I had hip surgery June 24th and I'm on crutches until tomorrow (hopefully)... yes, very sad. But I went n watched and I'd just like to say- I am so excited. Holy crap. I'm obsessed already.. haha.

And now my first entry in this community comes to an end.

*i love to dance*


4 dance, dance, dance

also posted on my own journal. [*Tuesday*

[ mood | drained ]

okay.. that SUCKED. but it was expected by all except me, so whatever. my first day back to ballet in two years and i was expecting to be decent. i looked like i belonged in effing ballet 2. honestly, my turnout was a mess, im insanely fat compared to everyone, my flexibilty has definetly decreased and i couldn't remember any of the combinations aaron was giving us. pointe class was probably worse because my pads werent working therefore my toenails were pressing backwards into my toes. ouch. and i can't do piques to save my life. am i supposed to HOP onto the foot or tendu and then push myself onto it? dancers out there, please give me some guidance here. i sweat like crazy, my face turned the color of a tomato except for around my mouth and eyes so i looked like somebody who was wearing a ski mask.. except the ski mask was about 200 degrees. i remembered most of the steps except for a couple. didnt know what the hell a royale was... something else too... i forget but i was doing it all wrong.

ate lunch alone. that was sweet. at least carla talked to me once. the time release were amazing. i really do not have the body to dance ballet. or dance, in general. pretty much know one acknowledged my prescence except nadine. they all just kind of stared at me when i "wasn't looking"... so you could say no one rolled out the welcome wagon for me.

im hoping tomorrow it will be better. today was not fun at all. ballet used to be my favorite thing to do, ever. now it's just hard. but i have to tough it out, i guess. even though i really could not care less if i never went to ballet class ever again. i want to go take a nap.

thanks for listening in on my pity-party.

dance, dance, dance

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