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1. When you use a graphic from this community, you must give credit to the maker. If you do not, you will be banned! 2. No-Drama, we want to keep this community a nice one. 3. Pictures and request must be under an LJ-cut. If it is not, your post will be rejected. 4. No nudity! 5. All posted must be Friends Only. If not, it will be rejected. 6. Save all pictures to your own server, we dont want any bandwith stealers. 7. One request per person every other day. If you post more than one, only your 1st request will be made. 8. Please don't promote any communities here, it just takes up space. 9. Livejournal use only, do not take our work to other journals. 10. Please do not post in our personal journals or instant message us about requests, thats what the community is for.

We are able to do all types of graphics such as avatars/icons, glitter sigs, banners, ect. Please be sure to give us the type of graphic wanted, and be very specific .. we want to make it as good as possible. Be sure to include the Kind of Graphic, LengthxWidth, Color(s), Picture(s), Text, Font Name, and if you would like the text to be Outlined, and the Outline Color. If there is any Extra's you would like to have added, be sure to include that also.


My name is April and I am a Freshman at Lakeshore Highschool. I am fourteen years old and my birthday is April 7, 1990. I love making graphics, shopping, hanging out with friends and going to the mall. If you ever need to reach me, my E-Mail Address is xxjtbootykinsxx@yahoo.com and my AIM Username is xo runslikeagirl

My name is Jerica and I am a Freshman at Fraser Highschool. I am fifteen years old and my birthday is October 28, 1989. Some of my hobbies are Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Making Graphics, Shopping, Talking on the Phone, Taking Pictures, and Horseback Riding. If you ever need to reach me, my E-Mail Address is adidasflipsx6@hotmail.com and my AIM Username is YeLL0w xxcaRD
My name is Aly and I am a sophmore at Lakewood Highschool. I am 15 years old and my birthday is March 13, 1989. Some of my hobbies are shopping, Going to the Movies, Soccer, Making Graphics, Hanging out with the Girls, Talking on the Phone, and Dating. If you ever need to reach me, my E-Mail Address is abercrombiealy77@hotmail.com and my AIM Username is beachcromber

summer_cutie: All; eighty9ine: All; lacedliquor: All; _babiixd0ll : Friends Only Signs, Headers

confusedjenna92 : No Credit; pinktwinkiez : No Credit; old_everything : Didn't use an LJ-cut numerous times

b_a_s_e_s; dreamy_dsignz; dark_graphics;
If you would like to be an affiliate, please contact the mod in anyway.

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