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He's so irritating.. *clenches fist*

It's been ahwile since most anyone has head from Sora, and the group. I wonder how Donald, Goofy and him are doing. I'd be nice if they'd at least come back to Traverse more often, maybe to give me the old heads up. Regardless, I hope all is going over well.

So yeah, Aerith went and visited Kairi the other day. She kept on saying how sad Kairi looked, and was expecting me to sympathise on every word. Needless to say the sob story wasn't really all that interesting. Although I hope the kid cheers up. Maybe I'll write her a letter, or go visit some time.
Who knows, maybe she'd rather spend her days here with all of us in Traverse. Alot less lonely here, than it is there I'm more than sure.

*lights up a smoke* ..oh if you're wondering about this, I kicked up the habit due to the stress that Cl...Clown...Cloud guy gives me. *takes a drag* Eh it's only a temporary fix though. Ain't gonna help me in the long run. I mean the guy walks around being Mr Wanderer, helps out where he's needed in town, totaly being like by everyone and he doesn't even care at all. He's like the most apathetic, jerk, good-looking, mysterious *takes another drag of his ciggarette* pompus ass, I've ever seen since.... well who knows when.

My god, I'm terrible for letting the guy get under my skin. *takes his last drag and puts of the smoke* Ah well. Just gotta shrug him out of my mind. But I'm thinking about him ALL the time. I don't get it... Maybe I'll go out and train for awhile. Then I'll see about either mailing Kairi, or arranging a visit.
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