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itsnotover_'s Journal

a community for fans of the notebook <3
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This is a community for fans of the movie and/or the book The Notebook!

There are a couple rules that I ask everyone please pay attention to:
01:Please do not disrespect anyone in this community. I really hope to keep this community a "drama free" community.
02:When you join, please introduce yourself. If you would like, you may answer the questions listed under the Rules.
03:When you post, please remember to makes posts Friends Only.
04:When posting pictures, icons, or long posts please use an lj-cut. If you do not know how, ask.
05:You may promote your communities, as long as they are kept under an lj-cut and you have the word "Promo" in the subject of the post.
06:Please keep posts somewhat related The Notebook or the actors/actresses in the movie.
06:Lastly, promote this community ♥

Fav. music:
Fav. quote from The Notebook:

*The winner of this contest will be the new Co-Mod of the community.
*The theme will be "With every great love comes a great story."
The contest starts July 1 & will end July 8.
The winner will be announced on July 9.
I will make a post with all the contest entries so you can comment with your vote.
Please do not vote for yourself or vote more than once.