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[03 Jun 2006|04:02am]

Oh. Here's my application. Can I be in your cluuuub? I'm smart!

Man, I could go for a sandwich. And some pussy.Collapse )
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[24 May 2006|06:53am]

[ mood | awake ]

My ApplicationCollapse )

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[17 Apr 2006|04:28am]

[ mood | awake ]

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General Question! [21 Sep 2005|07:20pm]

Recently, I asked a friend if she was considering attending a UC, because she mentioned that they looked appealing. Her response was that she wouldn't, largely because she finds Californians a bit scary. She lives in Connecticut, which I consider firmly entrenched as a part of New England, and I've heard the view (from New Yorkers, no less), that Californians are seen as weird and spaztic. What's your take on it, and could you tell me where you're from if you reply?

CTY 2002-2005, Siena, Session One.

P.S. -- The "CTY" part after my nickname is there because those are the sessions I went to a nerd camp of sorts. I find myself wondering how many of you went to one, such as my CTY.
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More Katrina stuff (x-posted) [05 Sep 2005|04:23pm]

[ mood | busy ]

New posts to go to to get donations for Katrina:


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x-posted all over the place RE: Katrina [04 Sep 2005|01:05pm]

here are a few links of interest for everyone:

(1) There is a guy updating his livejournal out of New Orleans with pictures and text updates about the city. He was there for the entire storm and is running on generators and satellite internet.

His journal can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/

(2) slackerace has set up a post where with each comment she receives she will donate $1 to the New Orleans relief aid. I think this is truly one of the most amazngly charitable deeds I've seen around LJ yet. Also, boniblithe will then match those dollars for every one of those comments and she's donating her donations through her company who is matching them dollar for dollar.

That equals $3 per comment.

Everyone go and leave one comment each.

Its another way to help.

Better hurry though, she's got a 48 hour deadline.


Kyle, your friendly community MOD

P.S. Tell your family that you love them.
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9/11 [13 Aug 2005|10:06pm]

So any of you intellectual people out there think that 9/11 was an inside job and Bin Laden is a CIA operative? Anyone think the London Bombings smack of the same thing, that we're all positioning ourselves strategically for the impending global energy crisis? And what about the last three election cycles, anyone think we still live in a democracy?
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Hm. [13 Aug 2005|04:41pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So what's the deal here? After being away from LJ and internet in general for months, I come back to find out that everyone else has been too, and multiple communities have turned into havens for adverts and hypothetical tumbleweed. Is there anyone else out there who still reads the posts? Possibly... the mods?

If there's a mod and a few other people out there somewhere I'll vote on the two apps that are languishing here, but I don't really want to do it if it's just going to be me and my custom attack on the application. Plus, it won't do any good if the mods aren't alive and reading because technically I can't stamp. Though this could be the time for a coup; don't force my hand. :)

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Application. [20 Jul 2005|01:53pm]

Application...Collapse )
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analyzing eating and folklore. [18 Apr 2005|10:19am]

I dare you to come up with 2 or more popular myths, legends, disney, or any story that can not be analyzed as an abusive relationship between an individual and food. I thought this might be fun considering the recent media health explosion. atkins this, zone that. or, come up with others in our culture that do represent a poor relationship with diet.

here's an example: The little mermaid.
witch=obese, lives in darkness, has ugly minions
princess=aspires toward completely unrealistic body image

case example 2: Persephone
forever linked with the underworld 1/3rd of the year for consuming pomegranate seeds.

case example 3: Cinderella
well fed, well to-do step sisters=ugly
underfed, poverty-ridden cinderella=ideal princess

heres your goal, come up with some stories you know of that represent a positive relationship between individuals and food.

heres what i came up with; lilo & stitch and toy story.
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[31 Jan 2005|10:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I created a new community tonight.Collapse )

Sorry if that's not okay to post here. Delete it if you want to.

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[30 Dec 2004|07:55pm]

What do you think about this story?
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New [30 Dec 2004|09:35am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

APPLICATIONCollapse )</font>

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general business and whatnot [30 Dec 2004|02:34am]

[ mood | bored ]

There are still several applications that need more votes.  Links are provided below for your convenience.

estrella_trash (NOTE:  do not vote yet.  estrella_trash, I need your promotion links)

The following users need to post an application within the next three days or will be removed from the community:


DO NOT PROMOTE IN FRIENDS-ONLY ENTRIES.  I CANNOT VERIFY THAT YOU'VE DONE THE PROMOTION IF THE ENTRY IS FRIENDS-ONLY.  This goes for posting comments in people's personal journals as well as posting entries in your own journal/other communities.  MAKE SURE THE ENTRY YOUR PROMOTION IS IN IS PUBLIC.

The member list has finally been updated.  It's all pretty and neat and current and stuff.

Several users have been banned for leaving the community without notification.  Remember, kiddos, telling your lovely moderators that you are leaving is the right thing to do.

I think that's it.  Good night, everyone!


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~ [30 Dec 2004|12:16am]

[ mood | amused & tired ]

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Intellect_ [30 Dec 2004|01:46am]

[ mood | crazy ]

application.Collapse )

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She applies. [29 Dec 2004|10:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

Witty LJ-cut opener hereCollapse )

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App! [29 Dec 2004|08:28pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Ya come home big when you're feeling smallCollapse )

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application [29 Dec 2004|08:31pm]

[ mood | calm ]

applicationCollapse )

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Application [29 Dec 2004|07:21pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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