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[MOD] Housekeeping & a Poll - Linking to Friends Locked Entries

Hey again!

Firstly: a massive thank you to everyone's who's been following the new rules & everyone who's started tagging entries using our nifty new tags. I know there have been a lot of big changes in a short time and most of you guys have been really, amazingly awesome about them ♥

However, some rules are being repeatedly broken.

1. Ratings are: G/PG/PG-13/R/NC-17. You must use these ratings when posting to Hug.

2. All posts containing or linking to R & NC-17 rated material must be locked to the community. If you're going back and tagging your posts please lock old posts as you tag them.

3. Do not change the default font size, family or color outside of the cut.

I totally understand that posting in Rich Text makes this tricky, and I'd encourage you guys to try out HTML format to bypass this issue entirely. If you are using Rich Text Format to post entries your text in Word has to be the default, or you'll need to remove formatting by copy & pasting it into Notepad before the Update Journal box.

This really isn't hard. It really isn't, and we're here to help you get it right.

4. Banners. It's 300x100 or 200x200. No bigger!

If you can't fix your entry within three hours of mod comments we'll delete it. If you break more than two rules in your entry we'll let you know and your post will be deleted immediately. You're welcome to repost with the proper formatting or to contact us for help. Thanks :)

And to the point of this post: posts linking out to friends locked entries. Instead of a mod decision, we want to ask you guys for a consensus on this.

This poll is closed.

Should members be allowed post links to friends locked entries on Hug?


(Poll will be open until midnight on Saturday the 2nd, GMT)
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