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boy trouble.. im lost

i want my ex back.... *SIGH*... i miss the guy i once knew .... and i want what i used to have with him and his whole attitude towards me like
when he would look at me i can see in his eyes how much he cares. he looked at me like nobody ever has. my face glows with happiness when i see him.people around me know something is diffrent well this is it. it doesnt seem real to have a guy treat me with so much respect and be so honest after ive been hurt as many times as i have.i know he feels my pain. and i know he has pain of his own, which where im willing to help him calm down and realize its not his fault for his pain. i would hold his hand like i never want to let go. when i kiss him everything around me and all my thoughts in my head go away. ive always wanted to know how it felt like to have a kiss like that. and its the best feeling in the world.i love everything about him. his smile,his eyes,his joke,his kisses, his touch, his smell, lol his hips the way he always make me laugh,the way he will do anything to put me in a good mood or just make me feel better.i would do anything for him. i always notice the little things he does for me lol it makes me feel so good knowing i used to have him by my side but not anymore ohhhhhhh god *tears* someone save me help me understand.. its just i dont know why he really left me.. he comes up with all this shit.. and now his totally against me.. honestly i NEVER did anything.. i dont know whats wrong.. *sigh*..
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