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gay_news_'s Journal

News in the GLBTQIA Community
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This community is used to provide people with news relevant to the GLBTQIA community. Whether it be news of a pride activity, or of laws against or for homosexuality.

Any and all news is welcome, but please try to keep it pertinant. We don't want to here that your throwing a party on friday.

Articles are encouraged, and if it is somewhat long, please use a lj-cut. Click Here to learn how to use the various Livejournal tags available.

Try to keep things civil if your commenting about something. We know it makes you angry, but there is no need to be overzealous with vulgar language.

Play Nice kiddies.

The administrator of this community is neonethos, any and all questions about the community, and/or the content posted there should be directed towards him. His email is listed in his User Info.