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Age: 14
Location: winston-salem
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120

(5+)Bands/Musicians: courtney love, hole, eva chavela, the epoxies, switchblade kittens, ani difranco, the dresden dolls, jack off jill, nirvana, jimi hendrix, the sex pistols, scarling, bleach(03), guitar wolf, tori amos, jimi hendrix, and early green day.
(3+)Movies: thirteen, sin city, slc punk, memoirs of a geisha, and 200 cigarette's.
(1+)Celebrities: Courtney love
(2+)Food: japanese
(1+)Season: fall

Opinions on-
Yourself: I try to be considerate of people that are considerate of me, but if people are a bitch to me, im a bitch right back.
Homosexuality: love is love, it shouldn't matter what race, gender, or religion that someone has.
Eating meat: Im a veggie, but im not a radical. I fpeople want to eat meat, they should get to eat meat.
Wearing fur: wearing fur is wrong. I feel very strongly about this one. It's awful and cruel. Alot of the animals are only stunned by the gases, and shocks that are suppose to kill them and they can be skinned alive.
George Bush: *sigh* he's a stupid, illerate hick that can't speak english.
Death penalty: I don't agree with the death penalty because alot of people are sentenced to it that arn't guilty.

Random questions-
Any pets? two cats (rio and gracie) a bearded dragon (samara) and a dog (layla)
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? japan
Hobbies? guitar, poetry, music, drawing, writting, reading, photography, and collages.
Favorite Phrase? as in quote? "nothing is bleaker than the future, except maybe the past" - Raiha
Pet peeve? Fke canbinets and drawers. Like the ones in bathroom that are made for decoration.
Job? none

Why do you think you should be accepted into this community? because I can be fairly active and get you this community many sisters.
How did you find this community? a promo community

(3+)Pictures of yourself:
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