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angelpunkrocker wrote
on May 14th, 2004 at 04:32 pm

They're so far away...

All the memories, the pictures,
The thoughts of you,
They're so far away.
I can't hold you close
When you're not near,
When you run, forever,
Into her arms.
Not mine.
All the hugs, the kisses,
The times I held your hand,
They're so far away.
They no longer matter
Because I'm not with you
And I never, ever
Will be.
All the caresses, the nibbles,
The soft, gentle embraces,
They're so far away.
They left with you,
Leaving me cold,
Leaving me depressed,
All the notes, the emails,
The words you wrote,
They're so far away.
Their meaning is lost,
As you became when you
Lost me.
All the lies, the deciet,
The hurt you spread..
They're so far away.
You're no longer with me,
Your thoughts are leaving my head.
.. His are entering.
You lost me, you're so far away,
And really,
It matters no longer.

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