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Name - tiff
Sex - female
Age - 17
Sexual Preference - straight
Boyfriend/Girlfriend & Picture - matthew
What's Your Favorite Mixed drink - jack & coke
Favorite Drink Straight - jack daniels

Most You've Ever Drank At One Time - couldnt tell you lol
Best Drunken Story - at my friends birthday a couple years ago i raced a friend to see who could drink more and i went home with my firend who didn't drink at all, and i played tetris online for 3 hours and when she got me upstairs for bed i jumped up and down singing "addicted" by simple plan because i didnt wanna sleep.
Favorite People To Drink With & Pictures - any close friend; dont have pictures
Favorite Place To Drink - at friends houses
Do You Do Drugs & What Ones - no drugs
Top 10 Favorite Bands - hawthorne heights, coal chamber, coheed & cambria, straylight run, senses fail, autopilot off, crossfade, idk a lot of stuff
5 Least Favorite Bands - my chemical romance because they annoy me, other than that idk
Top 5 Favorite Movies - the craft, van wilder, donnie darko, mulan, and the boondock saints
Worst Movie Ever - the birds
Pick One Subject & Give Your Opinion On It - Since day of silence is wednesday, i guess i can put in an opinion on gay/lesbian/bisexual stuff. i hate it when people discriminate against those people; as long as they're not hurting anyone or pressing their beliefs on others, i don't care what they're doing in the bedroom. i have a good few bisexual and gay friends and i hate what i see happening to them everyday. it's not right, they're people just like everyone else. that's really generic and all but it's my opinion.
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p.s.= i ♥ rach.
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