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Dominic Monaghan Stillness
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Welcome to dom_stillness_. This is an icon challenge community dedicated to Dominic Monaghan.
The community was created by twistedendings.
Mods: arbuus, pendora_lass and for_thelily
Bannermakers: pineapple_sky, cooper_666, losty_ville and arbuus


01. Your icon must meet LJ's standards [100x100... etc.]
02. Do not show your icons anywhere until after the challenge ends, also, no older icons can be submitted unless instructed otherwise
03. No animation, this is a stillness challenge.
04. Please do not steal anyone elses icons and enter them as your own.
05. Do not vote for yourself, vote for others, I'm sure you want to win the correct way
06. Follow any other rules specified in the challenge's entries.
07. Respect!
09. If you want to use someone's entered icon, ask their permission first.
Please note that you can have textless icons as well. and you must be a member in order to enter your icon.

When posting make sure you post like this:



you can host your images at
- photobucket.com
- imageschack.us

01. Challenges are posted every Sunday, and remain opened until Sunday next week.
02. Voting starts on Sunday, and finishes on Wednesday.
03. Winners are announced on Wednesday.


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