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The Despair Faction

Children of Despair
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The unofficial community for A Fire Inside's official fan club!

This community is for members of the Despair Faction, the official "fan club" of AFI.
For news about AFI, please read the official ticker below, or visit the official website at afireinside.net


1. When you join, please introduce yourself.

Introduction formats will go as follows:
Interesting fact or two:


2. No fan-fic. That's just wrong.

3. Please, Please, PLEASE actually BE in the Despair Faction. We use the honor system here because we don't really have the time to check each person out individually ... and quite frankly we don't want to.

4. Be respectful, for crying out loud. Your mods of course don't know everything and may not always be right so feel free to point out any problems, but it's usually what we say goes so please try to respect that even if you don't agree, acting like a bratty three year old will get you no where and will most likely equal immediate banning.

5. Do not ask/mention/speculate ANYTHING toward's the guys' personal lives; that isn't what we're about. This means no asking about girlfriends, phone numbers, or genders. Yes. I said genders. The Despair Faction is about the music, let's keep it that way.

6. Please do not promote other communities in here unless directly related to the Despair Faction and/or AFI. If you are unsure about any communities or sites or whatever that you want to post, ask one of the mods first because we may make exceptions.

7. Don't post here to whine about what happened on the message board or to whine about anything at all. Doesn't matter. This is here to discuss AFI and all things surrounding them and the Despair Faction and whining will make us not like you.

Your mods are:
articia (owner)

Have questions? Have problems? Wanna stab someone? That's who you wanna talk to first.


We want and strive for a family-like feel to this place. We want you to know that the people here all share a strong connection through something important to them. We want to trust one another and look out for our fellow fans. If there is anybody that needs some kind words or support let us know. We light candles to remind us of people that are going through rough things in their lives so if you know anybody that should be on this list, let us know.

Candles lit for:
- Ivy (Sweety, we are constantly hoping for you and a speedy recovery)

- Marianne (What happened to her should never be allowed to happen again. If you know of anyone who has been attacked or harmed during any stage of relationship, contact authorities. Immediately.)

Keep your candles lit, kids. <3


_likeablade&apos;s graphics community!!!

if you'd like to affiliate your AFI community or journal, e-mail me with your info at articia_4 @ yahoo.com (minus the spaces)

Link to us!