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The Despair Faction [entries|friends|calendar]
Children of Despair

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lol hi [08 Nov 2009|01:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hellllooo? Anybody in here? Will any remaining living human beings please exit the building and enter

a new community where people are actually talking and flailing about AFI at this moment?

TYFYT, hope to see you there!
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Minnesotans in the house? [29 Sep 2009|11:02pm]

Is anyone else in or near Minneapolis?

I went to get the new album (which I like a lot so far) and my pass to meet the band Thursday. I'm concerned they won't even show up because the store was EMPTY and the people at the counter sounded like they hadn't given out any of the wrist bands all day. They didn't know the price of the album, either.

Apparently they're playing here on Friday night at a club downtown. I'm gonna go if I can get any of my friends to go with me because I'm way too shy to go clubbing alone.

Oh, hi, I'm Crossbow1. I'm pretty old, but I only discovered AFI in 2007.

ETA: 10/01: So... just me, huh? On their website only a couple other people mentioned an intent to go. Man, they are never going to come to Minneapolis again, are they?
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Here is my introduction. [15 Aug 2009|12:09pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Here is my wonderful and magical introduction. =D

My name is elise.  Or elisey, as my friends call me.
In DF I'm eliseytook.

I adore Art.  And drawing/painting.  I'm even an Art major in college.
My actual dream is to use the characters I have created and make a comic book.  =)
My life is basically uneventful and boring...
I'm daydreamy and imaginative.


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Helloo? Anyone in here? [19 Feb 2009|05:24pm]

Okay, DFers. I've been looking at the community user info a lot lately (which I'm updating/redesigning, since it hasn't changed since we were told the release date of DU), and I noticed that nearly every member username I click on leads to ... an abandoned journal. A journal that's never been updated. A journal that hasn't been updated since 2004, 2006, 2007. We keep the df_ member list very neat and don't allow struckthrough usernames to accumulate, which is the only reason we don't look like _afi_. Depressing, huh? :( Where have the fans gone?

Sooo, in an attempt to figure out who's left, I'm asking you to please comment on this entry if you're still using LiveJournal. The comment doesn't even have to say anything. This isn't an activity check. No one's going to be deleted. I'm just curious about how many of us are still here.

ETA: Hooray, we're up to ... 27 out of 438!?
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[18 Feb 2009|07:43pm]

Hi everyone!! Kinda new to LJ...and I was thrilled to see so many fellow AFI fanatics in the same place!!

Well anyway...my name is Christina. I have been an AFI fan for going on ten years now. The first song I ever heard by them was Morningstar, and that was it for me...no band has ever come close. Morningstar is my favorite song, but I have to say that Sing the Sorrow is my favorite album.

I will do just about anything to hear AFI play live in concert. And if I ever hear them play Morningstar live I might just die from happiness. Unfortunately I live on the East Coast and the majority of their touring is in Cali :(

Anyway...that's just about it about me :)
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Crash Love? [16 Feb 2009|04:18pm]

It looks like this is the title of the next album or single!

Exhibits A and B.

If this is the album title, I'm ... not impressed, but it's the only the title so I can't really pass any kind of judgement. Yet.
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We spread season's sweetenings all over the world! [23 Dec 2008|08:37pm]

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so let Hunter and some-guy-from-Hunter-Revenge-named-Dan play at your party!


Oh, and just in case you didn't know, you can follow Hunter on Twitter at TranquilMammoth. He updates like three times every day and talks to fans! HE added ME as a friend first. I'm still not sure how he found me ... maybe he harvests names from Jade? (Look, they're already watching the Begin Transmission videos!)

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[21 Dec 2008|11:54am]


Who else is excited about the Begin Transmission contest? I think it's really cool that the band is doing this.


I actually think I'm going to give it a shot. I mean, I've been complimented numerous times on my singing. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to try. Is anyone else here entering?

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finally an introduction [21 Dec 2008|11:41am]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Hello. I guess there's no use being part of a community if I'm not going to participate! So...

My name is Lia.
My DF board name is Goldfoot. 
A couple of things about me:
 * I became vegan over a year ago and I believe it is one of the best decisions I've made in my life.
 * I'm in school, passionately working towards a psychology major

So, I'm looking foward to chatting with everybody.

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Hello fellow DFers! [12 Dec 2008|10:27pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey!  It's so cool to see a DF community on here.

 I'm totally new with livejournal, and I'm hoping this is how I "introduce myself."

So, my name is Amanda.  My board name is frigidpassion42.

Some facts in regards to me + AFI:
The first song I ever heard by them was "Girl's Not Grey," and I fell in love.
I have never seen them in concert and would do just about anything to see them live.
I am borderline obsessed with everything that is AFI.
I don't have a favorite song or album.
I've been in the DF for 1 year.
My AFI DF poster hangs right over my computer, so I can have a staring contest with any of the guys right now if I wanted to...

And that's about it.

Hoorah for the DF


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[22 Oct 2008|05:30pm]

Hellooo everyone!

Name: Emily-Paige
Boardname: emleepaige.
Interesting fact or two: I'm the only DF member in my school, and I feel lonely, haha. I've also never seen AFI live. That isn't really interesting, it just sucks.
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[31 Aug 2008|04:54pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Hey guys!

Name: Amanda

Boardname: amanda.mp3

Interesting fact or two: I met AFI on July 30, 2006 in St. Louis. I'm also a huge fan of Jackson Rathbone.

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[23 Jul 2008|09:28am]

Hope its ok to post this here.

I have an AFI tank top for sale on ebay

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dfkids [03 Dec 2007|06:32am]


Visit Despair Faction
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donuts and cookies ! [01 Dec 2007|11:47am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I know a lot of AFI fans are into veganism. Check this out! They're delicious and they don't taste bland either!


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[19 Nov 2007|02:41pm]

Name: Leong Yi Ting (Leong is my surname, Yi Ting is what people call me by)

Boardname: radblaqk 

Interesting fact or two
: My DF registration was processed on the fifteenth of October. I love fish, there's no way I can turn vegetarian, sorry. Oh and I'm uh, one of the two only Despair Faction members in Singapore. Lol. Yeah, that's about it.
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[17 Sep 2007|09:56pm]


58 Multifandom icons here @ defaultsettings
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[04 Sep 2007|07:21pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Name: Aido
Boardname: Aido
Interesting fact or two: I live in Ireland (yes, really) and I want to be a make-up artist, or somehow involved in the fashion industry when I leave school in two years.

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