noneofyourbusiness (yumcheesy) wrote in degrassitng_,

"Picture This!"

 I don't particularly like Ashley Tisdale so I didn't want to watch "Picture This!" on the ABC-Family channel, but about a minute into it- hey! there's Paige and Darcy!!  :-D I'm suprised I haven't been told this sooner, they actually make the movie bearable as like the tag-team best-friends duo :-) how fun those two were chosen together!
... but Paige has some really black low-lights in her hair...

anyone else have any thoughts of have spotted Degrassi castmember anywhere??

oh! Emma (Miriam McDonald) is in a Lifetime Movie called "Poison Ivy: The Secret Society" apparently on the Lifetime Movie Network at 8pm tonight!... I wish I knew when it'll be on the regular Lifetime channel :-p

:-) Happy watching!!
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