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Lydecker's a Pedophile! [02 Jun 2012|05:48pm]

I'm watching Law & Order: SVU and in the season 6 episode, Quarry, Donald Lydecker is damn creepy pedophile! That is all.


I just love seeing a great actor in anther role.

Edit: In other news, the community background is TERRIBLE. You can't read the entries. I love seeing the pics, but there has to be better placement.
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Alec, Ben, icons [16 May 2012|02:19pm]


More icons and graphics here - includes SPN characters and pairings
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34 icons and 3walls [06 May 2012|11:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Max (7), Joshua (4), Alec (11), Logan (2), Original Cindy (2), White (1), pairs (7).

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Hey who ordered a pizzaCollapse )

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[29 Apr 2012|12:53am]

teaser icons
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

30 JAlba icons this way )

comment*credit*share*enjoy! (;
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15 icons, (mostly M/A) [19 Apr 2012|07:54pm]

[ mood | horny ]

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

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5 DA icons [13 Mar 2012|01:12pm]

stargate [1-3]
supernatural [4-24]
doctor who [25-31]
sherlock holmes (movie) [32-35]
primeval [36-43]
sherlock [44-54]
being human [55-57]

dark angel [58-62]
celebs (karen gillian and katie mcgrath/colin morgan) [63-71]

here @ thewalkincliche
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scifibigbang is here! [08 Feb 2012|01:56pm]


 is back!

The goal? Write a 20k word story based around a sci-fi/fantasy based fandom or original story.  Author sign ups run through March 1st.  Crossovers and AU are more than welcome. So, go! Sign up! :D :D

Rules are here

Author sign ups are here

Artist sign ups are here
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SCREENCAPS: DARK ANGEL: 2.01 - 2.03 [28 Jan 2012|06:06pm]

DARK ANGEL: 2.01 - 2.03
Cap Size: 720x480
Download Links @ capsanyone (post is members-only, join the comm, membership is open)
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[ad] Case Story Big Bang - Multifandom [12 Jan 2012|09:25pm]

Posted with permission! Thank you!

The second round @ casestory just began :) You want to be the next Agatha Christie or maybe John Grisham in your favorite fandom? It’s the right place for you! A Case Story Big Bang 2.0!

casestory casestory casestory

Author Sign Up @ LJ
Artist Sign Up @ LJ
Author Sign Up @ DW
Artist Sign Up @ DW
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[31 Dec 2011|03:01am]


Title: Fuckin' Perfect
Artist: Pink
Vidder: Sani
Fandom: Dark Angel
Pairing: Max/Alec

HERE @ snazzisani
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[16 Dec 2011|12:56pm]

teaser icons
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

she aint heavy )

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Fanvid [19 Oct 2011|11:26pm]

Title: Lonely life
Vidder: Gnev_Ishtar
Fandom: Dark angel
Characters: Alec\Rachel
Song: "Lonely life" by Stanfour


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Crossover Fic Exchange! [06 Oct 2011|07:30am]


Sign ups are open at xover_exchange, a multifandom crossover fic exchange. Dark Angel is one of over 50 fandoms eligible for this round. If you think it would be neat to read about a world where Max, Sydney Bristow (Alias) and Olivia Dunham (Fringe) are all products of Project Manticore or Logan as a whistle-blower in the face of Audrey and Nathan (Haven)'s attempts to cover up the Troubles or maybe Original Cindy taking down the Death Star (Star Wars), then this is the exchange for you!

You might also enjoy checking out our Dark Angel tag to read the crossovers written for previous rounds.

posted with mod permission
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[07 Sep 2011|05:18pm]

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

118 general Dark Angel icons
Includes Max, Logan, Alec, Joshua and the usual pairings.

( keep this fandom goin' ya'll dig? )

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Dark Angel S. 1&2 Picspam [06 Sep 2011|03:33pm]


# 13: Max & Logan ♥
# 03: Logan & Alec
# 01: Max & Alec
# 01: Max & Zack
# 01: The Last Scene

HERE @ babyara
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Joshua [14 Aug 2011|10:06pm]

I was just watching "I am Number 4" and imagine my surprise when I caught Joshua's voice! Kevin Durand is part of the villain crew.

I just always get a little excited when I see the Dark Angel crew in other places. :D
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"Human-animal hybrid created amid 'Frankenstein' warnings" [23 Jul 2011|05:23pm]

"Scientists in the UK have reportedly created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in controversial secretive lab experiments that spread over three years, The Daily Mail has reported.
The stunning revelation has come just a day after a committee of researchers urged for rules governing the creation and use of such hybrid embryos, warning of a ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario.
The experiment that sounds straight out of a science fiction movie has been described by campaigners as 'dabbling in the grotesque' and has raised concerns about the creation of a ‘Frankenstein-like’ monster if it goes wrong.
While these types of experiments don’t seem likely, some researchers argue they could be valuable, the Associated Press reports."

Snagged this from Yahoo!News, you can read the full article here.
Anybody else thinking Manticore? :P
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Watching Freak Nation [19 Jun 2011|11:17am]

So, I just finished watching Freak Nation for what? The 20th time? Or more? I've lost count. But, anyway, I had a couple random thoughts.

1. I know how bad this sounds, but when Cece gets shot, all I can ever think is, "Thank goodness not one of the important characters died." My Dark Angel world would have been ruined if Sketchy, Original Cindy, or Normal had been hurt in the shoot-out.

2. Now, I realize we had to have a big shoot out, confrontation scene, so that's why what I'm about to say didn't happen, but...they could have easily escaped Jam Pony undetected. Especially early on. If Original Cindy and/or Sketchy had reminded them about the sewer access from the episode when the East Indian guy was coming to buy Jam Pony. All the transgencis could have slipped quietly out through the sewer. Done and done. But yea, I know, not nearly as dramatic.

Man...I love this show. I know you all watch it just as often as I do. And I never get tired of it. Stuff still makes me laugh. I can still find things to think about. This show ended way too soon.
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[01 Jun 2011|04:41pm]

[35] Supernatural s. 6 icons.
[14] Glee s. 2 icons.
[08] Game of thrones icons.
[06] Dark angel icons.

The rest here:

- Comments are love, so comment at my Lj if you like/take them =).
- Do not hotlink or edit!
- Textless icons are not bases.
- Enjoy!

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Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof Question [21 Apr 2011|12:51am]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm watching season 1 for about the millionth time and thought I'd finally ask a question that has always bothered me about this episode:

Why does Sung latch on to Normal in his attempt to run interference?

There must be hundreds of people calling in, coming in, to report who they believe to be the killer. Heck, there is an entire holding pen of women that were caught and/or turned in. So, why does Sung latch on to Normal?

Now, an easy/obvious answer here is that the writers knew it would be funny. And that probably is the answer.

But Max and Sung hadn't met yet (she stayed out of sight after the incident in Prodigy), so he wasn't protecting her realizing Normal was her boss. Unless...did Logan tip him off about Normal? But, if he did, why would he? How would he know Normal would turn her in?

I realize that this is a moot point and is most likely just a random plot hole, but I always wonder about it when watching the episode.

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