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[Mon,Jun 27th,2005,12:07am]


Hi. This will be my very last post to this journal. checkmate__ is now officially closed! Don't worry, though. If you want to continue viewing my icons and other graphics, you should friend spookshowicons. It's my and detoxcocktails's new personal graphics community. From now on I'm posting all my art there.

It's sad to abandon this journal but I feel like it's time to move on. I am also very excited to start this new journal with Jessika. She's my good friend and very talented icon and graphics maker. You should definitely friend spookshowicons!

I'd like to thank all of you who have friended checkmate__ and supported my work. I appreciate every one of you :)

Note to affiliates: If you want to affiliate with spookshowicons comment h e r e.

~ Krissie
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[Sun,Jun 19th,2005,6:59pm]

King Arthur, Constantine, Ocean's Twelve, Steven Spielberg's Taken, Angel, Firefly, Star Wars, The X-Files

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[Tue,Jun 14th,2005,2:29am]

Alias, Harry Potter (mostly Rupert & Emma), Moulin Rouge, Star Wars (+ Ewan, Natalie & Hayden)

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[Fri,Jun 3rd,2005,9:08pm]

Alias, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Star Wars, Hayden, Natalie

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[Fri,May 27th,2005,2:23am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Boredom makes me do pretty stuff... I think.

I made a Literati wallpaper and cropped it several times to make icons. Yay?

Wallpaper and the rest of the icons are under the cutCollapse )

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[Wed,May 25th,2005,6:17pm]

Angel, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Misc.(Alias, Buffy, Lost in Translation, Shirley Manson, Live Tyler, Natalie Portman, Star Wars)

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[Sun,May 22nd,2005,1:59am]

Star Wars icons: Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith (SPOILERS?)

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[Sun,May 15th,2005,9:12pm]

Icons: Angel, Buffy, Firefly + Serenity, Lost

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[Thu,May 12th,2005,3:20am]

I made a Rory/Jess wallpaper and thought to share it with you guys. :)
I used inxsomniax's brushes and oxoniensis's gradients.
Lyrics are from Sam Phillips' song called 'How to Dream'

It's size 1024x768. (click on the thumb)

Comment if you take. Feedback is more than welcome.
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[Tue,May 10th,2005,12:54am]

Multi-fandom post with requested icons and Alexis Bledel wallpaper!

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[Mon,May 2nd,2005,8:40pm]

Alias, Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Kill Bill, Lost, Romeo & Juliet, Veronica Mars

+ Go request icons here

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[Mon,May 2nd,2005,12:01am]


I'm a little busy right now but I'll try to make them as soon as possible! :)
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[Tue,Apr 26th,2005,12:31am]

Alias, Gilmore Girls, Lost

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[Sun,Apr 17th,2005,9:03pm]

Alias, Buffy + Angel, Gilmore Girls, House of Flying Daggers, Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars..

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[Sun,Apr 17th,2005,6:53pm]

Does anyone knows where I could find high quality screencaps of Gilmore Girls season two, episode 'I Can't Get Started' (the Rory/Jess kissage part), I'd LOVE you forever and ever.

*points to icon* that part!
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[Mon,Apr 11th,2005,9:27pm]

I made a collage entry for Bloody Hell Blends and decided to make it wallpaper-size for you guys.

800 & 1024

Lyrics by Aqualung, ''Strange and Beautiful''
Brush and screencap credits are located here

Comment if taking.
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[Mon,Apr 11th,2005,12:06am]

Would you send me screencaps from season 5 Buffy episodes 19-22 through, for example, yousendit.com? I really want to make icons of those episodes but I just don't have the energy to cap them myself.

I'd love you forever and ever. ;_;
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[Thu,Apr 7th,2005,3:19am]

Alias, Ally McBeal and Buffy

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[Wed,Apr 6th,2005,11:29pm]

New layout! Hee! Just wanted to let you know XD


Expect Alias icons from me later today or tomorrow!
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[Sun,Apr 3rd,2005,2:28am]

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