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07 July 2005 @ 01:51 am
The double doors to the boardroom opened up as the players silently filed in. Sitting before them was a silver haired man wearing a charcoal Armani suit, his chin resting on his thumbs with his fingers in front of his mouth. Around him were two rows of black leather seats, in front of which were leather briefcases. "Please, take a seat," the man said.

He stood before them, straightening his tie and then made a quick sigh. "My name is Joker. This is of course not my real name, but it's the name you will learn to use and call me by. If you haven't yet figured it out, I am the Black King. Welcome to the game." He glanced around the room at the new players. "You are all here for various reasons. Money. Power. Revenge. We can provide it all for your participation in the game. By being here you have signed a deal with the devil... but what a deal it is."

"Yours is now a life of privilage and service. You will find that money is no object and that respect is not earned but bought. However, a single bullet to the back of your head can change everything. As you know, the last game we lost several players. Our side took drastic losses and for the first time ever, I find myself playing with eight inexperienced pawns. It's not looking good for us. This is why we have to win."

"The old saying goes that nobody is perfect. That phrase holds no meaning to you. I expect perfection and I expect results. You are all clever, cunning and deadly. You've fought tooth and nail to earn what I can provide, and now I expect you to do the same to keep it."

He pulled out a briefcase and opened it showing an array of various gadgets and objects. "You each will notice the briefcase in front of you. This provides almost everything you will need for the game. There is a laptop to use for information gathering and communication. Also you'll notice the top of the line cellular phones that have been pre-programmed with all the essential numbers. There is also a P.D.A. that is filled with dossiers on your teammates. We will be e-mailing various files to your P.D.A.'s when we get them that have instructions or information that you will need. This P.D.A. will become your new best friend. Also are five different sets of car keys, a slew of fake IDs and passports, three different debit cards with nearly unlimited funds and the keys to your rooms."

"The 21st floor to this hotel will become your home. You each have your own presidential suites to live in for now. This hotel is the only safe haven in the entire city from White. Only in these walls are you safe. While you live here, you will be compinsated for all expenses and will have access to the various recreation and dining experiences that it has to offer."

"Now I am sure you have a thousand questions running through your mind, but we will get to those in a moment. First, I believe introductions are necessary."
07 July 2005 @ 01:03 am
The post after this one (or before it, depending on how you're looking at the page) will be the first official in-game post. Since we didn't get enough people to show up for the first scene, this is going to take the place of that scene. Feel free to leave comments in the way your character would have reacted. After this, all OOC announcements will go on the OOC community, so make sure to join it.

-The management
05 July 2005 @ 03:22 pm
Quick Reminder! Game launches tonight at 7:30 PM EST

Since we've not heard from anybody saying they can't come, we can expect everyone to be there, eh?

See ya then!

-teh mod
19 June 2005 @ 03:43 am
Watch this space for more information on the game. We now have all the players we need to start, so expect the game to launch within the next few days. We need to find a time when we can all get together on AIM and do at least the first briefing scene together. From then on, we won't need every single person in every single scene, so we won't need to really schedule anything too major.

I'll try and get ahold of all of you over AIM soon to verify that the SN is correct and that you know that the game is launching soon.
12 June 2005 @ 05:48 pm
We still need two (2) more players before we can launch the game officially. If anyone knows of a good advertising place, or maybe a friend who would be interested, let us know! Hopefully we can get the game started ASAP. It's looking to be an interesting crowd, that's for sure.
01 June 2005 @ 05:03 pm
We are beginning to take applications for new characters now. Please read the user info before posting. Thank you.

-The Management