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Dear burnouts___,

Me and the fellow MOD's have decided, to talk about the community.

I believe this community is quite dead.
This commuinty started off amazing, and ended up quite...dead.

So we have decided to start a new commuinty.
Now we want this to be a public thing to the community, as we want you to help out to.

The community will be based upon Old Green Day, such as 1039/Smoothed to Warning, as the American Idiot era, has died down a bit since september 2004. We will of course, be focusing on the next album once it comes out, so don't think its only about the early day's.

Now we would also like to ask you if you would like to help us out with a new Community Name.
Once we get that sorted out, the community will be made, and over the course of 4 day's, the community will be in place, and able to take its course.

We would be very grateful, if you helped us out on our new community, you will be our Number one fans. And we would love it if you joined in, as it is very thought of having members continue with another community, that makes us want to make a new community.

Thank you so much,
Caitlin and Fellow MOD's.
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