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Their Love is So Not Canon

...But We Like it Anyway.

Blond Ambition
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~ About ~

A SLASH (male/male) community about the pairing Lucius/Gilderoy from the Harry Potter fandom because it makes so much sense! ...No, really. Because...we...like it? ...Because we can! ....Yeah. ...What?! >>;

~ Rules ~

Don't we just loooove them!

/~/ Keep posts on topic. Bascially: Lucius/Gilderoy = Good. Harry/Draco = A "no no". Aragorn/Boromir = ...Wrong fandom.
/~/ Fanart, pictures, manips, fan fiction, and icons are welcomed and encouraged!
/~/ Give credit if you post/use something that someone else made. (It would be best if you ask for promission to share whatever it is that you are sharing)
/~/ G-NC17. I would appreciate it if all the R-NC17 posts were friends locked. This helps protect the little ones. :)
/~/ Use LJ Cuts for large posts.
/~/ Give warnings when needed - Rating, slash, bondage, drug use, etc...
/~/ No flaming, bashing other users, etc.

Thank you for reading!

~ Links ~

glnssls - A Severus/Gilderoy community. (Anyone else thinking Lucius/Severus/Gilderoy? ...WHAT? )
hpshippersunite - Community for all Harry Potter ships, both slash and het.
hpslashicontest - Harry Potter slash icon contests.

~ Other ~

Community started by phantompanther because of this story.
Co Mods: slaygirl and aqua_cat
Layout by the lovely slaygirl. :D

...Note to self: Don't write the rules for a community at 5:40am. Especially, when you were hyper only a few hours before. o__O;