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March 13th, 2012

Sarah Hosseini
12:43 am - Which Trip Organizer Is Best For Me?
I am having trouble deciding which trip organizer is best for me!

My friend signed up for Israel Outdoors, but I have some reservations. While I see it is the most popular of all of the trips, I fear that it might be too physical for me.

I don't know which one to do because the descriptions are somewhat vague. My friend is doing the Israel Outdoors trip, but I'm starting to ave second thoughts sinc I'm not the most outdoorsy person. She, on the other hand, is an archeologist in Vegas. Anyway, I'm looking for a more secular trip organizer with a taste of adventure and nightlife, but more importantly, one that will give me a better understanding of Israel and it's history. But fun. I just don't want to not keep up on the Israel outdoors trip bc I'm not necessarily athletic. I want a social and open-minded group to travel with. Help!

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