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September 7th, 2010

07:45 pm - Trip organizer question
Right now I'm looking at two very different trip organizers - Israel Experts (I'm interested in several of their options) and Routes Travel/Amazing Israel (I'm interested in their "Extreme Israel" adventure sports option). I've been waitlisted twice in the past by Israel Experts, and have talked with friends who have gone with them, and I have vetted them pretty carefully. However, I don't know much about Amazing Israel or know anyone who has gone on the adventure sports trip, or any other trip, with them. Has anyone here gone on a trip with them, who could tell me a bit about what it was like?

There are a couple of things in particular that I'd like to know (note: PLEASE don't start an argument here, I want to know what Amazing Israel is like on these issues, not debate them :) ).

- Political orientation, if any. I don't need an actively dovish trip, but I don't want an actively hawkish/Likudnik one. "Mostly apolitical" is fine, and seems likely to be the case on an adventure sports trip, but this is something I wanted to check.

- Friendliness toward children of intermarriage, among both staff and other participants. I don't go on vacation to have my family insulted or my right to be on the trip questioned.

Also, if anyone here has any other trip or trip organizer recommendations for me, I'm all ears! I'm 25, non-practicing/secular, not much of a partier (though I don't mind other people partying), and I like the idea of either something that's wonky and educational, or something that's very physical and adventurous (I'm on a wilderness search & rescue team, I like that kind of stuff).

Thank you so much for your help!

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