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question from a fan

I have a question and i'm new so please forgive me if i'm being rude by posting this here
I love the Ai no kusabi novels and i read the english volumes and i felt like there were parts from the original novel that were left out .Am i wrong ? I heard the author rewrote the newer novels adding extras plots to it but did she also cut some parts too?


Hello... I have doubts. First: I am sorry if there is mistakes, english it is not my first language.

Well, I have read again Ai no Kusabi novels until vol 7.
Is there any chance to download vol 8?
I was looking in different pages to buy it and it cost really a lot of money.
$66.000 in chilean money.

And I read that the english translation is censured, is that truth?

Sorry... I am really thinking that I am the only fan who speak spanish, I do not have where to ask


Books for Sale

Hey, guys! I'm selling my collection and thought I would give you guys first shot before I throw it up on eBay.

7 books, volumes 1-7, $40+shipping for the set.

I'm selling them as a set and will not separate them. Books 1 and 2 have been read, the rest have just sat on my shelf.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll leave this up for... probably about a week and a half, maybe 2 weeks if I get lazy

Books have been sold! Thanks, guys!

Ai No Kusabi love ♥

Just wanna share my HAPPINESS! My Ai No Kusabi novel series complete collection

this has always been my complete the Ai No Kusabi novel series and now I'm very satisfied and proud that at last I'm able to read the all 8 volumes! :>

p.s. you can read my half-ass reviews here for vol. 8, 7 and 2


Hi all,
It has been a year since I translated Chapter 3 ^^;;; Here is Chapter 4 from the OVA2012 Bonus story booklet.
Many thanks to bahen who gave me English advises and did the proofreading, I couldn't have done it without you, thank you very much!

Chapter 4 Download:

I'm still looking for Japanese - English translator to translate other Ai no Kusabi side stories, including:
1) キャラ文庫完結記念小冊子 Chapter 1
2) 2012 OVA bonus story Chapter 1 & 2
If anyone is interested, please pm me.

P.S. : Please leave some comments about the story, I'd love to see :D


Ai no kusabi Novel vol 7-FOR SALE

ank vol7

I'm selling this copy just because i received 2copies sigh..vol 4 is missing and i don't think i ordered the last vol which is vo0l 8 but i have it now *weird*

So this novel is all BRAND NEW!! GOOD CONDITION!!!

Price:£10 (including postage)-SHIP TO ANY COUNTRY

paypal only

Spread the message love ^^


AnK novel vol8 presale!

AnK vol8 cover

Read more...Collapse )

So, long wait ends now for some of the fans: Ai no Kusabi novel vol8 is up on Akadot!

The rest of us who preordered will have to wait July… -_-

Happy reading ladies! ^^


Hello, folks! Not only did my Ai no Kusabi DVD came in today from Media Blasters, but today is the release date of Volume 8 of the series, courtesy of DMP/June! Check it out here~

Now, onto my review! I really just skimmed the episodes on the DVD, but it was enough in my opinion.

Good points: Quality is great, of course; Scenes Selection; Subtitles option; Promotional videos (nothing special, really, but it was nice of them to put it on); and Creditless Opening and Endings (yes, they did it for all of them.)

Bad points: The only compliant have on this is the subtitles themselves. Media Blasters did not translate the the dialogue word for word; instead, they merely get straight to the point (Ex: The scene where Orphe told Iason that Riki needs a "lesson in bed", which was the translation used by Aarinfantasy, was translated into "We need to discuss it carefully again. Iason.") Not only that, they also messed up Raoul's name (put it out as "Raul", but for some strange reason, they had "Raoul" in the very end credits). They also try not to use words like "sex" and "come" a lot, but they still use it. There are also minor grammar (such as not using the comma when it needed) and minor spelling mistakes, but it's cool. Not a big deal. I'm not notpicky, and I understand that supporting the anime is still important no matter what, espcially when that anime is yaoi. Yaoi is very hard to come by in the U.S, and yeah sure, you can watch pirated stuff off the web, but just keep in mind that stuff is going to get deleted off sites like YouTube sooner or later and watching from stuff like that only HURTS the anime industry.

This is my own personal opinion, but if I were to rate this DVD one out of five, I'll give a four, just because of the subtitles mistakes. I strongly believe that it's still worthy of purchase because I honestly love the series and I want to do what I can to support it. Cheers, everyone! :)


Hello, I am new here, also in livejournal, Can anyone help me?

I am a really lost in the novel, I understand that there are 6 vol of AnK, but now I see two more, I don´t understand also I have not read it yet, because I could not find them, now I do, except for the vol 2 Does anyone know where it is?.

Please, I hope not disturb.

Sorry If there are errors, I am chilean

New member with some questions!

Hello everyone! I'm Melly and I've been a fan of ANK for a while now. I found this community through a link and thought it would be great to have some friends I could chat with! Anyway I hope this isn't against the rules( and i'm sorry if it is, I'm new to this), but I did have some questions if I could! Anyway here goes:

1: Many moons ago I remember the "Taming Riki" series before the lady (Kira something?) made her own website and you had to pay to read it. Now it's like it has become bigger than the original!!!!! Most FF's and FA I see is based on her work. Apparently she has made her own comic based on her FF? I'm so confused with the whole thing? Is she working with the real owners/creators of ANK? I just don't get it >.<'. Should I be considering her works as part of the real OVA/novel.

2:I just got back into the fandom ( I saw the OVA before I even knew anything) and I guess there was a novel first? Then an OVA, then a new novel and OVA?!?! I'm so confused??! I feel like I'm lost!! I don't know where to start or end!

Sorry if this is against the rules or annoying! I'm just brain muddled and need some guidance??

Thanks and I look forward to some new friends!!

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