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Media Blasters uploaded a new English dub clip showing Katze and Riki's first meeting. :)

Also, for reasons that I will never understand and 100% not okay with, they "changed" Riki's age in this from fifteen to eighteen. They addressed the change in a tweet.

While I appreciate they have the decency to explain the change to the fans, the fact they had to do it is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. Not only does screw up the timeline of the series and is a deliberate mistranslation, it's a stupid thing to do, considering just how many animes that are BL/yaoi, or those who simply possesses the elements to some degree, have female characters flashing their breasts (including nipples) and buttocks, show sexual innuendos, and depicting teenagers who have sex, though it may not be as explicit.

Another person pointed out that another anime called The Qwaser of Stigmata was given a Blu-ray release in North America by Sentai Filmworks, and contained a character who is only eleven years old involved in a lot of sexual acts that wasn't cut out or censored, and other fans have pointed out that other animes licensed by different companies that have shown worst never had any trouble, so the MB's decision to "play it safe" is quite silly. Given the fact this is a yaoi/hentai and the dark nature of series overall, having a change like that is just...weird, and they shouldn't have licensed the series if they are concerned about getting into legal troubles because Riki's age was explicitly stated. To some extent, I understand why they did it, but I don't really agree with it. What's going to happen if AIC does continue the production someday and have a scene where Riki talks about how he's too old to be a pet in Tanagura because he's twenty years old? Since MB changed Riki's age in the dub and subtitled script, those who only watched MB's DVD/Blu-ray release will think that Riki is twenty years old by the start of the series instead of eighteen, which is actual age in the series. When he had to go back to Iason, he pointed out he's like a "living fossil" in Tanagura because he's twenty years old, but with that change MB did with the script, they're just going to confuse future fans.
Media Blasters announced the last batch of voice actors for the English dub! :D Another voice actor confirmed he voices one of the Blondies and additional voices, too! Media Blasters also showed an image of voice actors in the booth recording for more minor characters in the series. KochaSound's offical website now list the full cast members for Ai no Kusabi.

Raoul Am will be voiced by Chuck Huber (Twitter account here).

Maxi will be voiced by Ray Hurd (official website here).

Hubert Boma will be voiced by Patrick M. Seymour (Twitter account here).

Gilbert Domina will be voiced by Keith Silverstein (Twitter account here).

Marcus Jayd will be voiced by Lucas Schuneman (Twitter account here).

Jeek Leader will be voiced by Clifford Chapin (Twitter account here).

Jeek Lackey will be voiced by Jordan Dash Cruz (Twitter account here).

Additional voices include: Brittany Lauda, Madeleine Morris, Michaela Amanda Laws, Jacob Browning, Alex Mai, Jordan Jones, Gene Marks, Lucas Schuneman, Keith Silverstein, Patrick Seymour, John Swasey, Marcus Stimac, Austin Tindle, Clifford Chapin, Jordan Dash Cruz, Ray Hurd, and Meli Grant.

BTS Image of RaoulCollapse )

BTS Image of MaxiCollapse )

BTS Image of HubertCollapse )

BTS of Various AnK CharactersCollapse )

Okay, can someone please tell me how, exactly, Ms. Lauda and the staff was able to identify those Blondies as Hubert Boma, Gilbert Domina, and Marcus Jayd? They're the Blondies that were briefly mentioned in the novels. However, the names of the other Blondies were never listed in the first episode of the remake. Instead, the other Blondies (including Orphe, Gideon, and Aisha) were only credited as "Blondie A", "Blondie B", "Blondie C", and et cetera. How the heck did they figure out which Blondie was who?
If you're interested in what Ms. Lauda had to say to me about Aisha's voice, here it is:


Personally, I don't like this decision but, whatever. Let's hope for the best.
With the news of Ai no Kusabi getting an English dub going around on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, I took the initiative to contact the ADR director for the project, Ms. Brittany Lauda, last night to address my concerns. I knew I had to talk to her about the English dub since I know that many people out there would rather complain, whine, and insult the English dub before it's even release than be proactive and talk to the people in charge over their concerns. I was happy to immediately get a reply from Ms. Lauda, who was kind and gracious enough to address all of my concerns over the English dub. With her permission, I wanted to share part of our correspondence with each other in order to maybe give some assurance that Ms. Lauda is handling the series with respect.

The blacked out sections are the ones containing my real name, which I covered for privacy reasons, as well parts where I promised Ms. Lauda not to share with the public to avoid her getting ino trouble. Basically, this is what she said to me and, by extension, to the fandom for Ai no Kusabi.

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