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[Fic] Hukusha-sha 
11th-Apr-2012 05:14 pm
Title : Hukusha-sha
Pairing : Akame, MatsuPi, TegoRyo, JunDa and Tanaka
Genre : Romance, Friendship, Mystery and Action
Rating: PG-13 for now NC-17 later
Beta : Unbeta-ed for now so hope you'll bear with me

Summary : Friends that binded by a horrible past doing greatness for others, Friendship and Romance that make them human. What should they do for both of their hearts that was hurting and wanting a revenge through helping people in dispair.

Chapter 1 - Headquarters
Chapter 2 - The Devil
Chapter 3 - Playground
Chapter 4 - The Princess and The Gamemaster
Chapter 5 - Secret Mission
Chapter 6 - Akanishi Mansion
Chapter 7 - The Little Rescue
Chapter 8 - Nightmare
Chapter 9 - The Isahi Hideout
Chapter 10 - The Kiss
Chapter 11 - Senator Yabukira
Chapter 12 - Sweet Mistake
Chapter 13 - Reasons 
Chapter 14 - Tangle
Chapter 15 - New Feelings and Forgiveness

pikame cutie
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