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For our third anniversary, Robby's gift to me was a kitten.
We went out and adopted an 8 week old buff tabby from the humane society yesterday and he's just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!
We decided to name him Fizgig(After the coolest character from "The Dark Crystal" for those who don't know and haven't seen the movie).

Robby and I played with him all day yesterday! We took pictures too(There's quite a few, so beware dial up users):

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Isn't he cute? He slept with me all last night. I'm so in love with this kitten(But I can't forget Feebes, my other kitty who's been a member of the family for four years now).

In other news....FLOGGING MOLLY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited, this show is going to rock. Robby and I are going to Chico High at 5:00pm to help the band out before the Almond Bowl since we aren't going, then we're heading over to Chico State for the show. I'm uber excited.

Not much else to say now, I'm going to go grab some lunch, then play with Fizgig some more :-D

Love you Robby! So much!!!


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