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I just made a new livejournal and would like to have some new friends and journals to read.
I'm Ansku, almost 19 years young girl from Finland. I'm still stuck in here, but as said home is where heart is and mine is in United Kingdom and Germany.
I'm also planning to continue my studies in one of those countries next spring.
I live for music, I like rocking out by myself and in a crowd. I love music in general, I listen to almost all kinds of music, but my favorites are Placebo, Anti-Flag and Linkin Park.
Travelling is the way of life for me, I'm on the road whenever I have a chance. I like crazy experiments and random outings. I enjoy gigs, photographing, art, dancing, writing, reading russian literature and history, watching movies. I'm interested of different culturies, languages and meeting new people.

If you want to add me, comment to my new journal
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